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Quote: the greatest heritage of the chemical profession is the literature; but its size, growth, and complexity is endangering its role [»skolH_1963]
Quote: the amount of chemical literature in 13 years (from 1963) will be more than all that was published before [»skolH_1963]

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Quote: pilot plants are used extensively in chemical engineering; used for working out details between developers and clients [»rzevG_1984]

Subtopic: quantum theory up

Quote: quantum electrodynamics is the theory behind chemistry; and biologists seek a chemical explanation of life
Quote: quantum electrodynamics describes all physical phenomena except gravity, radioactivity and nuclear physics; there is no significant difference between experiment and theory [»feynRP_1985]

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Quote: most liquids conduct electricity; water is the feeblest; use to study matter [»faraM_1839, OK]
Quote: many chemical effects can be understood via electrical forces; e.g., a colloid consists of small charged particles suspended in water; salt neutralizes the charge and allows coagulation [»feynRP_1964]

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Quote: from the sun's spectral lines we know that the chemical elements in the sun and stars are the same as those on earth
Quote: dark spectral lines occur when the light frequency is nearly the natural frequency and the light is absorbed [»feynRP_1963]

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Quote: during alchemy, compounds were primitive; like software modules in reuse of software [»alfoM_1980]

Subtopic: history up

Quote: Faraday named anode, cathode, anions, cations, ion, and electrolyte
[»faraM_1839, OK]

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