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software change management
updating information in a distributed system
version control
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Quote: Harmony synchronizes tree-structured data formats using their schema; handles conflicts [»fostJN8_2005]
Quote: synchronize disparate schemas using bi-directional, tree transforms (lenses) from input trees to synchronization schemas; controls alignment of information and identifies conflicts [»fostJN8_2005]

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Quote: before release, need to merge bug fixes into main development work; DSEE provides a multi-window interactive merge command to help automate the process [»leblDB5_1984]
Quote: Cedar isolates changes by requiring an explicit request to merge changes into your version [»leblDB5_1984]
Quote: merge at a label; to incorporate a new release, merge changes from the old branch to a new branch; not needed in Perforce [»buffJ9_1999]

Subtopic: rename, reorganize, reformat up

Quote: renaming detector for textual merging with renamed identifiers [»malpG9_2000]
Quote: intelligent diff and merge that allows renaming, reformating, and reorganization; distinguishes comments from code

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