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Array bound variables remove representation dependent constants by labeling an array's index range bounds. Procedures using array bound variables are applicable to arrays of arbitrary size. If the index range is labeled, the label specifies an index set in 'for-all loops'. (cbb 5/80)
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Quote: declare BOUND variables for the bounds of an array parameter; use them in index operations [»knobB4_1976]
Quote: use the qualifier 'Lim' to indicate one beyond the last element of an array; better than 'Last'; 'Lim-First' is the number of elements [»simoC8_1991]
QuoteRef: reynJC5_1970 ;;310 atoms LL and UL such that in indexing function f(LL) is low bound
QuoteRef: wirtN5_1967 ;;24 "automatic" range checking by explicit named ranges eg range R := 1:n real array a (R), for i:= R step 1 do ...

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QuoteRef: abraH12_1977 ;;58 eg could traverse a linked list from front to back by for x := front to back do S

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Quote: Modula-3 has fixed and open arrays; the size of an open array is determined when allocated or bound [»cardL_1991]
Quote: an open array is only used for formal parameters, the referent of a reference type, the element type of another open array, or the type of a literal array

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