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Quote: geometry does not describe natural objects; too irregular and fragmented with infinite distinct scales of lengths [»mandBB_1983]
Quote: many natural objects have similar degrees of irregularity at all scales [»mandBB_1983]
Quote: how long is the coast of Britain?; it depends on how length is measured [»mandBB_1983]

Subtopic: fractal dimension up

Quote: if measure at the correct fractal dimension, the length is independent of the measure (epsilon) [»mandBB_1983]
Quote: Hausdorff fractal dimension--cover with polygon's and add up the sides to the power D [»mandBB_1983, OK]
Quote: cells within 3-4 cells of a blood vessel, yet blood vessels take 5% of body's volume; fractal dimension measures the branching [»misc12_1985]

Subtopic: fractional metric up

Quote: use fractional distance metrics to preserve proximity in high dimensional spaces;

Subtopic: software is not fractal up

Quote: software is not fractal; high-level design is qualitatively different from low-level design; e.g., system architecture, abstract data type, and implementation

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