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discrete vs. continuous
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Subtopic: voice vs. data up

Quote: voice and data require different transmission characteristics; voice needs short, bounded delays while data needs reliable delivery [»sariS10_1985]

Subtopic: hardware test bus up

Quote: over a century ago, telephone companies added a test bus to its phone switches; the built-in test access allowed automatic, nightly testing of every phone line; problems found and fixed before subscribers noticed [»martRC7_2005]

Subtopic: everyone an operator up

Quote: as projected 40 years ago, everyone is now a telephone operator, using a high level language; programming also? [»gearCW_1980]

Subtopic: digital switch up

Quote: ITT 1240 uses the digital switching network for inter-process communication and voice channels; 64 kbit/sec channels [»bonaR_1981]
Quote: was ITT 1240 influenced by using it for inter-process communication? [»cbb_1980, OK]
Quote: administrative functions for ITT 1240 are hierarchically distributed starting with a pair of ACEs [»bonaR_1981]

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