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software maintenance
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design for change
managing changes in hypertext
software change management
Thesa as a database of modules
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Topic: design for change
Topic: database change management
Quote: all large and widely used systems are subject to an endless stream of changes
Quote: software is general if it can be used without change; it is flexible if it can be easily changed [»parnDL5_1978]
Quote: flexibility can not be added to a software design; choice of usable subsets must be a preliminary step [»parnDL5_1978]

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Group: software maintenance
Quote: a DSEE tasklist contains references to tasks; for managing each user's active tasks and each library's active and completed tasks [»leblDB5_1984]
Quote: every new version of a DSEE element is tagged with the name of the current task that created the element

Subtopic: change management up

Topic: software change management
Topic: change notification
Quote: collaborating users should be notified when important events occur to nodes or links [»halaFG7_1988]
Quote: users must be able to find all changes made by others to a Hypertext [»akscRM5_1984]
Quote: before release, need to merge bug fixes into main development work; DSEE provides a multi-window interactive merge command to help automate the process [»leblDB5_1984]
Quote: Cedar isolates changes by requiring an explicit request to merge changes into your version [»leblDB5_1984]

Subtopic: version control up

Topic: version control
Topic: archives
Quote: if maintenance of old versions is required during development, side branches are needed; symbolic version names should be used [»tichWF9_1982]
Quote: a software release is a set of tested modules that is maintained by Modeler; changes can occur up to the release date [»lampBW6_1983]
Quote: the DSEE configuration thread states which version of each component goes into a build; specific, most recent, etc. [»leblDB5_1984]
Quote: DSEE uses interleaved deltas like SCCS; allows single pass recovery of any version (an 'extended stream'); difficult in RCS [»leblDB5_1984]
Quote: KMS can freeze a hierarchy of frames; whenever a frozen frame is modified, the original version is saved [»akscRM7_1988a]
Quote: ZOG users follow informal rules for when to save an old copy of the frame
Quote: Cedar compiler will not compile out of date interfaces; makes it easier to change interfaces [»donaJ7_1985a]
Quote: Modeler uses immutable objects with unique names; allows name to be used in place of text [»lampBW6_1983]
Quote: can use partial naming of a Modeler object to locate the latest version of an object [»lampBW6_1983]
Quote: derived Modeler objects named with 48-bit version stamp which hashes the source name, compiler version, switches, and interface version stamps [»lampBW6_1983]
Note: a version of a depot is at a location, undergoing a sequence of revisions; a local ID exists at a location [»cbb_2000, OK]

Subtopic: multi-user up

Quote: keep multiuser Thesa database up-to-date with timestamps and ids; avoid central clearing house [»cbb_1980, OK]

Subtopic: work queue up

Quote: add undefined Thesa instructions to a work queue; when ready, use cross reference to compile its users [»cbb_1980, OK]

Subtopic: marketing up

Quote: an after market in Thesa descriptions could offset its cost [»cbb_1980, OK]
Quote: Thesa should be a referred data base; rating system; purchase on a per entry basis [»cbb_1980, OK]
Quote: to avoid piracy, sell a service with frequent updates; since most people don't want yesterday's news [»cbb_1980, OK]

Subtopic: personal information system up

Quote: a personal information system must allow free format text, dynamically defined structure, and arbitrary report formats [»kaplSJ7_1990]
Quote: Agenda categories form a hierarchy; items implicitly assigned to their parents

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