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limitations of formalism
semantic truth; s iff p
Godel's incompleteness theorem
sentences, propositions, and truth
empirical truth
Liar's paradox and Russell's paradox
what is truth


Tarski, A., "The semantic conception of truth and the foundations of semantics", Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 4, pp. 341-375, 1944. Google

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p. 48-71 in Martinich, A.P. (ed), The Philosophy of Language, 2nd edition, New York: Oxford University Press, 1990.

44 ;;Quote: need a theory of truth because truth can not be identified with mathematical provability; Godel
49 ;;Quote: the truth of a sentence consists in its agreement with reality; Aristotle
50 ;;Quote: semantic conception of truth--"X is true iff p" where X is the name of sentence p and p is a true sentence of the language
51 ;;Quote: semantic conception of truth has a precise, rigorous meaning only if a language is exactly specified with axioms and rules of inference
Higg. ;;Note: the Liar's paradox: (1) (1) is not true
53 ;;Quote: prevent Liar's paradox by not using a semantically closed language with 'true' and "X is true iff p"; use metalanguage and object language
56 ;;Quote: a sentence is true if it is satisfied by all objects, and false otherwise; start with simplest sentential functions and then compound functions
56 ;;Quote: any definition of true which is materially adequate must include the semantic conception of truth since that's how it was defined
61 ;;Quote: few people agree that "true" means "agreeing with reality", while most agree that "it is snowing" is true if and only if it is snowing
62 ;;Quote: the semantic definition of truth says nothing about when a sentence X is true, only that it must correlate with "the sentence "X" is true"
Kald. ;;Note: Physicalism is that all facts are either physical or mathematical and that scientific claims and concepts are reducible

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