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Standing, L., "Learning 10,000 pictures", Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 25, 1973, pp. 207-222. Google

209 ;;Quote: subjects shown pictures for five seconds; two days later, forced-choice between new and previously seen picture
210 ;;Quote: no upper bound on memory capacity; while per cent retention declines, absolute retention increases
210 ;;Quote: if recognition task is immediate then subjects had a median of 100% correct
214 ;;Quote: serial selection performed the same as forced-choice recognition but subjects thought it was harder
216 ;;Quote: subjects could give good verbal descriptions of recalled pictures; used six or so words
219 ;;Quote: pictorial memory has the same qualitative properties as verbal memory, but performance is better
219+ ;;Quote: recognition memory: power law for capacity and retrieval time, decline if more alternatives, decline if recall instead of recognition
219 ;;Quote: if recognition memory mechanical then in one second searches 51180 pictures or 68008 words
221 ;;Quote: recognition experiment on 10000 items over five days was extremely grueling and unpleasant

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