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Seiwald, C., "Inter-file branching: A practical method for representing variants", in Somerville, I. (ed.), Software Configuration Management. ICSE'96 SCM-6 Workshop, Berlin, Germany, March 1996, Springer, LNCS 1167, pp. 67-75. Google

abstract ;;Quote: inter-file branching uses path names for variants, just like copying; files are linear sets of revisions
67 ;;Quote: a file has a name, temporal revision names, and variant names; the variant selects alternative implementations from a branch point; forms a version tree
68 ;;Quote: combining revisions and variants creates two hierarchies with disparate semantics; emphasizes the mainline and branches of existing files
72 ;;Quote: if integration history tracks individual deltas between variants, do not need to merge deltas back into the source
74 ;;Quote: Piccolo used inter-file branching without branch views or integration history; supported dozens of products over three continents; P3 is available

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