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  • Enter a word in the search box (in the header), click 'search' or press 'enter', and follow what interests you.

  • Goto (ThesaHelp: map of the Thesa web site) and follow the topic hierarchy to a topic of interest. Then explore related topics and quotations.

  • Visit a random page by clicking random in the header.

  • Find everything in Thesa concerning a "What is ..." or "How can I ..." question. Use the find box to locate some page relevant to your question. Then explore every link that looks like it might be relevant. When you run out of new links to explore, you should have found everything relevant. You can use bookmarks to help organize your search.

  • Goto (ThesaHelp: download Thesa). The Thesa and KMS pages are included in the
    download. Thesa generated this web site.

  • Goto (ThesaHelp: buy the source for Thesa). Explore how Thesa works. With the source
    you can follow the execution of Thesa through its full-time event log.

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