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Thesa 2004.1 is an upgrade of Thesa 2002.1. As before, the database is trustworthy even though the system contains thousands of known bugs and missing features. For example, 2004.1 was developed and debugged on the live database.

Thesa comes without support.

In general, if you run into a problem, Thesa will report an error. Click 'OK,' 'Reset,' or 'Exit Program' and continue with your work. To learn more about an error, click 'Where' or 'All'. These buttons create log files, s.x and l.x, that may be viewed from the Goto menu. The log files show the recently executed routines and memory at the time of error.

If you purchase the source, clicking on a routine goes to that routine. You can follow the code with Borland's Turbo Debugger. Be the first to locate a bug. For details, see The Greater Thesa Bug Hunt on


Known bugs and limitations (a few of many)
- No auto-format for paragraphs, use Char>Wrap or cap F5
- No scroll bars. Use PageUp and PageDown instead.
- The Char menu lists Wrap (cap F5) and Hide (F5) incorrectly
- ^Home and ^End are DeleteLine and DeleteRestOfLine resp. Windows programs may define these keys as FirstLine and LastLine. Use ^PageUp and ^PageDown instead.
- Italic and Bold are at F6 and capF6 instead of ^i and ^b. The UI needs review and rework.
- .ckdisk reports HashId errors when two items hash to the same value, these are OK
e.g., HashItemId 4C C913 duplicated at BlockId 1605 0004
BlockId 1605 0004 for ItemId 4C C913 not seen

New features for 2004.1

- QuoteRef: writes rtf files for Word or WordPad
- Replaced internal dump format with rtf
- Outline formatter for log files, l.x
- Rename retains the previous ItemId and updates all uses
- Converted from 21 bit ItemIds to 24 bit ItemIds
- Changed date format to yyyy/mm/dd
- Added goto menus for F12
- Added control menus for simple keyboard macros
- Converted build to relative pathnames, and removed dependence on filereloc

New web pages for

- Added Google links for QuoteRef and Quotes, 7 words identifies most quotes
- Reorganized KMStopic, etc. (included with Thesa-2004.1)
- Changed IDs to th-nn-nn-nn-th-nn-nn-nn where the first half identifies the depot
- Added navigation, topic hierarchy, tool tips
- Added quotation skeletons for quotations under copyright
- Added index of topics and references
- Spell checked content and titles

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