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Welcome to Thesa

Thesa organizes ideas like a thesaurus organizes words and their meanings. Each entry has a descriptive title, an owner in a topic hierarchy, and links to related entries. Titles and text are continuously cross-referenced. Edits are automatically saved to disk.

The first line is the entry's owner. For example, this
entry is part the group (ThesaGroup: help with Thesa).

To create an entry, write the title and use the File>New menu. If you start with a depot name (e.g., "ThesaHelp:"), the title is free-form. The depot name must already exist, e.g., (ThesaHelp:). You may create new depots (e.g., "MyDepot:") by creating an entry with that name. You may also name entries with lower case words. Upper-case words without spaces may also be used.

Known Problems

- There are many bugs and missing features. In general, ignore the errors and you should be OK. Often, the 'reset' button will clear the error. If necessary, exit the program and restart it.

- Paragraphs do not automatically reformat. Use Char>Wrap (F5) to reformat a paragraph.

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ThesaHelp: any title (*&(*& will do

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