Quote: civil law defines property rights, what is good and what bad, what one ought to do and what not; civil law made by the soverign power backed by the sword

QuoteRef: hobbT_1650a , p. 131 [Part 2, Chap 1]

legal issues


10. Further, considering it is no less, but much more necessary to prevent violence and rapine, than to punish the same when it is committed, and all violence proceedeth from controversies, that arise between men concerning meum and tuum, right and wrong, good and bad, and the like, which men use every one to measure by their own judgments, it belongeth also to the judgment of the same sovereign power, to set forth and make known the common measure by which every man is to know what is his, and what another's; what is good, and what bad, and what he ought to do, and what not, and to command the same to be observed. And these measures of the actions of the subjects are those, which men call laws politic, or civil: the making whereof, must of right belong to him that hath the power of the sword, by which men are compelled to observe them; for otherwise they should be made in vain.   Google-1   Google-2

Published before 1923

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