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Quote: law requires an agreement regarding who makes the law
Quote: the law is the public conscience; people should not subvert the law to their private conscience and opinions [»hobbT_1651, OK]
Quote: civil law defines property rights, what is good and what bad, what one ought to do and what not; civil law made by the soverign power backed by the sword [»hobbT_1650a, OK]

Subtopic: precision of language up

Quote: law makers, judges, and yourself should define their terms and say all else in words of one syllable; it forces you to talk straight, making it hard to hedge [»steeGL10_1998]

Subtopic: public authority up

Quote: evil inflicted by public authority without public condemnation under the law is an hostile act [»hobbT_1651, OK]
Quote: the soveraign makes the laws, and hence is not subject to the law; otherwise have an infinite regress of authority [»hobbT_1651, OK]

Subtopic: freedom up

Quote: freedom is the foundation of a state and its laws; the greatest freedom that is consistent with the freedom of every other individual [»kantI_1781, OK]

Subtopic: equality up

Quote: the safety of the people requires that justice be equally administered to all; a soveraign is as much subject as the least of the people [»hobbT_1651, OK]

Subtopic: preservation of life up

Quote: under threat of death, one may act against the law; the preservation of life is a law of nature [»hobbT_1651, OK]

Subtopic: degree of crime up

Quote: crimes of passion are not so great as premeditated crime, but no suddenness of passion is a total excuse; must cast your eye on the law [»hobbT_1651, OK]

Subtopic: treason up

Quote: treason makes one an enemy of the commonwealth; all infliction of evil is lawful; punishment does not apply [»hobbT_1651, OK]

Subtopic: contracts up

Quote: a contract is transferring a right for reciprocal benefit [»hobbT_1650a, OK]
Quote: a covenant is a contract involving trust; it was the will of him that was trusted, to perform as expected

Subtopic: due process up

Quote: open systems should use due process--organized gathering of information for decision-making under constraints; provides a record [»hewiC7_1986]

Subtopic: hearing up

Quote: no one should be punished before judicially heard and declared guilty

Subtopic: punishment up

Quote: punishment should encourage the delinquent and other men to obey the laws [»hobbT_1651, OK]
Quote: imprisonment for safe custody or to inflict pain; use minimal restraint for safe custody [»hobbT_1651, OK]
Quote: punishment of innocents is unlawful; no future good, no protection, rendering evil for good, unequal justice [»hobbT_1651, OK]
Quote: everyone, in their revenges, should look for some future good

Subtopic: contract up

Quote: a legal contract specifies how much the contractor will do and how little is acceptable to the client; protects both sides [»meyeB10_1992]

Subtopic: restricted web site up

Quote: deal with porn-oriented and other unsavory sites by placing them in a different name space; easily managed with voluntary compliance and fines [»dvorJC9_1997]

Subtopic: software privacy up

Quote: software privacy protection by periodic updates of software; software aging allows reads of older files

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