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Subtopic: nature of man up

Quote: the nature of man is the foundation for political rules and laws [»hobbT_1650, OK]
Quote: without mutual aid, when a man breaks a law, there is no security in any other man of his own defence but anticipation; men are equal in judgement and in fear [»hobbT_1650a, OK]

Subtopic: the state up

Quote: the Leviathan (i.e., the state) is but an artificial man with a soveraign as the soul and reward and punishment as the nerves
Quote: men form commonwealths to avoid war, enforce convenants, and secure justice, equity, modesty, and mercy [»hobbT_1651, OK]
Quote: if men form a commonweath, the representative or leviathan speaks as one for all of them [»hobbT_1651, OK]
Quote: law requires an agreement regarding who makes the law
Quote: a commonweath arises from the convenant of everyone with everyone to give up their rights to a leviathan in return for peace and defense [»hobbT_1651, OK]
Quote: people form commonwealthes to live peaceably amongst themselves and protection against others [»hobbT_1651, OK]
Quote: people institute a commonwealth by covenant of all; source of the rights and powers of the leader or assembly of leaders
Quote: the soveraign is the public soul, giving life and motion to the commonwealth

Subtopic: soveraign power up

Quote: the power of the soveraign arises from everyone's right to preserve life by all means; subjects gave up these rights to form the commonwealth [»hobbT_1651, OK]
Quote: men must perform their convenants made, enforced by a coercive power [»hobbT_1651, OK]
Quote: a body politic is instituted with common power over people to the common good of them all; fear of the soverign or council compels them the keep the peace amongst themselves [»hobbT_1650a, OK]
Quote: a leviathan is one person or one assembly with judgment over all, uniting the multitude
Quote: the soveraigne has absolute power; subjects can not form new covenants nor be freed of subjection [»hobbT_1651, OK]
Quote: the soveraign makes the laws, and hence is not subject to the law; otherwise have an infinite regress of authority [»hobbT_1651, OK]
Quote: the soveraign power may not be divided, otherwise the commonwealth is dissolved [»hobbT_1651, OK]
Quote: feudal lords resist when enclosed, fight when no holding back, follow when overcome [»tzuS_180]

Subtopic: forms of government up

Quote: tyranny, oligarchy, and anarchy are but misliked forms of monarchy, aristocracy, and democracy [»hobbT_1651, OK]
Quote: to avoid subjection and slavery, some have devised a government of a democratic assembly, a legal system, and administration; too confusing; sovereignty is indivisible and requires the sword [»hobbT_1650a, OK]
Quote: a monarchy is less likely to dissolve in civil war than an assembly; avoids different opinions [»hobbT_1650a, OK]

Subtopic: majority rule up

Quote: if the leviathan is an assembly, the voice of the majority is the voice of them all

Subtopic: consent up

Quote: silence is consent if so intended [»hobbT_1650, OK]

Subtopic: dissent up

Quote: dissenters in a commonwealth must consent with the rest; they tacitly covenanted by joining the congregation of those assembled
Quote: treason makes one an enemy of the commonwealth; all infliction of evil is lawful; punishment does not apply [»hobbT_1651, OK]
Quote: the people should love their government as it is; prosperity comes from obedience and concord; reformers destroy the commonwealth [»hobbT_1651, OK]

Subtopic: crime up

Quote: under threat of death, one may act against the law; the preservation of life is a law of nature [»hobbT_1651, OK]
Quote: crimes of passion are not so great as premeditated crime, but no suddenness of passion is a total excuse; must cast your eye on the law [»hobbT_1651, OK]

Subtopic: equality up

Quote: the safety of the people requires that justice be equally administered to all; a soveraign is as much subject as the least of the people [»hobbT_1651, OK]
Quote: equity is the equal distribution of justice to every person; the alternative is war [»hobbT_1651, OK]
Quote: for peace, a person cannot reserve any right that is not reserved for everyone [»hobbT_1651, OK]
Quote: it is a law of nature that commerce and traffic are offered indifferently; if such is denied another, it is a declaration of hatred, i.e., war [»hobbT_1650a, OK]
Quote: it is a law of nature that every man acknowledge other for his equal; courser wits gain victory; men can not live in peace if they arrogate more honour to themselves than to others [»hobbT_1650a, OK]

Subtopic: human rights up

Quote: the human good requires freedom from physical suffering and freedom from boredom and fear of fellow human beings [»weinGM_1979]
Quote: freedom is the foundation of a state and its laws; the greatest freedom that is consistent with the freedom of every other individual [»kantI_1781, OK]

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