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Subtopic: communication and civilization up

Quote: the world is unified by the new tools of communication--the dirt road, the truck, and the radio [»drucPF1_1958]
Quote: native language is also for community; at the heart of social and political study [»pitkHF_1972]
Quote: with more than 1000 users, a user group can form for any topic; geographically dispersed; profound effect on society [»smitDC_1982]

Subtopic: shared heritage up

Quote: civilization depends on common access to a shared heritage; like reading everything written [»nelsTH_1974]

Subtopic: shared strength up

Quote: no man can be assured of survival in a state of hostility and war; seek peace and assistance [»hobbT_1650a, OK]

Subtopic: shared ethics up

Quote: while moral positions are a matter of individual choice, there are still objective standards for which an excuse is unacceptable; e.g., inadvertently stepping on a baby [»pitkHF_1972]
Quote: moral laws admit of a canon of absolute imperatives derived through pure reason
Quote: moral laws alone belong to the sphere of the practical exercise of reason

Subtopic: shared behavior up

Quote: someone who is an incorrigible deviant in enough respects simply cannot participate in the life of the community and in communication
Quote: the 'game' of attributing concepts to conforming individuals would lose its point outside of the community [»kripSA_1982]

Subtopic: organic order up

Quote: all design and construction should be guided by communally adopted patterns; develops organic order; identifies problems [»alexC_1975]

Subtopic: museum up

Quote: museums should fulfill these functions: to collect, conserve, exhibit, and elucidate [»stroR7_1985]

Subtopic: computers vs. civilization up

Quote: digital information becomes stripped of context; will ubiquitous computing destroy the here and now of meetings? [»grudJ12_2002]

Subtopic: automated society up

Quote: a human society operates through requests and promises that form a network of commitments; can computerize the conversations for action [»winoT_1986]

Subtopic: crime up

Quote: modern society does not prevent crime; it detects crime after the fact [»schnB_2000]
Quote: be vigilant; for detection and response to be effective, it must work always; be prepared for an attack [»schnB_2000]

Subtopic: problems with civilization up

Quote: societal problems are inherently wicked: many possible solutions, no good-or-bad solutions, no test of solution, all solutions are irreversible; symptoms of other problems [»rittHW6_1973]
Quote: we have succeeded in producing goods but not in building a strong foundation for society [»galbJK_1976]
Quote: civilizations are built up but each time the selfish and cruel people reach the top and everything slides back to misery and ruin [»brooFP_1975]
Quote: 'The will of the people' has an ambiguous nominatum; allows demagogic misuse; should prevent such expressions, at least in science

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