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Subtopic: satisficier up

Quote: economic man is a satisficer; i.e., one who accepts "good enough" alternatives because the optimization is impossible [»simoHA_1981]
Quote: for a satisficier, it doesn't matter if the alternatives are given or even how many there are [»simoHA_1981]

Subtopic: rules of money up

Quote: the rules of money are Ben Franklin-type rules; never squander it and account for what you're doing [»philM_1974]

Subtopic: currency, store of value up

Quote: like currency, paper is a store of value and a medium of exchange; intrinsic value without effort by the owner [»hartPE6_2003]

Subtopic: economic value up

Quote: numeric values required for solving the economic problem of resource and demand [»hayeFA9_1945]
Quote: prices coordinate the separate actions of different people; knowledge is dispersed [»hayeFA9_1945]
Quote: prices register anonymous change; people adjust their activity by the price movements of scarce resources [»hayeFA9_1945]

Subtopic: financial market up

Quote: choose to acquire a financial contract (anytime u) or choose either contract (or) [»joneSP9_2000]

Subtopic: resources and demand up

Quote: economic decisions require knowledge about the relative cost of resources and demand for alternatives; 'why' does not matter [»hayeFA9_1945]
Quote: every individual has unique information about particular jobs, people, local conditions, and special circumstances

Subtopic: change up

Quote: economic problems arise only in consequence of change [»hayeFA9_1945]
Quote: localized, economic change requires a decentralized solution; decisions must be local [»hayeFA9_1945]

Subtopic: growth up

Quote: a growth country needs a distribution system, a financial system, and marketing [»drucPF1_1958]

Subtopic: corporations up

Quote: the large corporation defines the form of the free-enterprise economy; even for the corner store [»drucPF_1946]
Quote: business is the specific organ of growth, expansion, and change in an economy; it needs change [»drucPF_1974]

Subtopic: growth without marketing up

Quote: in a totalitarian system, economic development is attempted without marketing; ignores peoples wants and values [»drucPF1_1958]

Subtopic: technology vs. cost up

Quote: many new products cost more than what they replace, e.g., the Xerox duplicator; so innovation is not price alone [»drucPF_1974]

Subtopic: usage vs. cost up

Quote: one of the great virtues of regular libraries is that scholars pay no more than casual users
Quote: copyright holders want market-based pricing; they will not accept fixed fees as in Xanadu [»samuP12_1991]

Subtopic: problem of information up

Quote: insufficient information for a rational economics based on the marginal rate of substitution [»hayeFA9_1945]
Quote: instead of globally consistent economic information, have dispersed bits of incomplete, frequently contradictory information [»hayeFA9_1945]

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