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Subtopic: history of accounting up

Quote: use twin tally sticks to record sums owed and settled; marked together with a saw [»ifraG_2000]

Subtopic: free distribution of software up

Quote: Netlib is not commercial software but provides rapid distribution for researchers [»dongJJ5_1987]
Quote: Netlib is free; helped keep it widely accessible with low-overhead [»dongJJ5_1987]
Quote: one of the great virtues of regular libraries is that scholars pay no more than casual users

Subtopic: charging clients for services up

Quote: each major client of a file server needs a charging capability to account for file creation and storage [»birrAD9_1980]
Quote: assign user programs to reserved processes; do not charge time spent in critical sections [»dijkEW2_1971]

Subtopic: billing hypertext up

Quote: authors receive a 'select credit' when someone selects a node and a 'link credit' when a link is created; can view total credits [»radaR3_1993]
Quote: a usage-based system such as Xanadu will make the best users pay the most [»samuP12_1991]

Subtopic: cost of billing up

Quote: billing systems for utilities can cost 10-30% of revenue; UK parking meters cost 70-80% of revenue [»andeRJ5_1996]
Quote: access control needs state to record the duration of code usage for billing purposes; otherwise global file systems will prevent usage-based billing

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