Quote: accurate disassembly by comparing results of linear sweep and recursive traversal of functions; identifies problematic code, typically 0.3% of size

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reverse engineering of software
machine code and assembly language

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The task of disassembly is complicated by indirect … algorithms are not always able to cope … [with] such features, and they fail silently … [p. 45] Experimental results indicate that our algorithm is … precision, to identify potential disassembly problems rather than … input executables. … [p. 49] Our approach is straightforward. We disassemble the … then verify the results of this disassembly a … Any function for which verification fails, i.e., for … [p. 50] The use of statically linked executables results … It can be seen that the amount of … comprising less than 0.3% of the program's text …   Google-1   Google-2

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