Topic: reverse engineering of software

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code generation
requirement specification

information retrieval by cross reference
machine code and assembly language

Subtopic: disassembly up

Quote: accurate disassembly by comparing results of linear sweep and recursive traversal of functions; identifies problematic code, typically 0.3% of size [»schwB10_2002]
Quote: no disassembly algorithm can identify data that hides behind a conditional branch that is always taken [»schwB10_2002]

Subtopic: from code to specification up

Quote: used reverse engineering to determine a program's specification and proof; identified clean components [»basiVR5_1982, OK]
Quote: 17 man-months to write requirements for a working A-7 flight program with tight memory and time constraints [»heniKL1_1980]

Subtopic: from code to structured program up

Quote: Programmers_Assistant surface analyzer constructs a surface plan from the program's intermediate form; primitive operations with data and control flow [»wateRC1_1982]
QuoteRef: frieFL1_1974 ;;8 language for converting assembly level into structured programming

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