Quote: fastest was orthogonal pointing and continuous orthogonal crossing; slowest was continuous collinear crossing

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Variance analysis showed that mean trial completion times … [target-pointing and goal-crossing] tasks (F_5,55=12.5, p<.001). Task [Continuous collinear crossing was the slowest ... Tasks [Orthogonal pointing and Continuous orthogonal crossing were the fastest, at least 10% faster than other tasks. The rest of the tasks, including the traditional Fitts' tapping task, fall in the middle range of performance. ... movement distance significantly changed mean trial completion (F_1,11 = 898, p< .0001). ... target/goal width also significantly changed mean trial completion (F_4,44=485, p<.0001). ... [p. 76] the movement time in each … ratio. … Furthermore, all six laws take the same form … as in Fitts' law, with very high fitness …   Google-1   Google-2

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Quote: movement time for pointing and goal crossing by the target-distance to target-width ratio

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