Quote: least recently/frequently used (LRFU) block replacement policy; up to 30% better than LRU; uses linked list and priority heap based on threshold of recency and frequency value

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data caching
memory management by working sets
memory management by paging

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Recently, a new block replacement policy called the … provides a spectrum of replacement policies between them. … and present a performance evaluation of the implementation … 30% performance improvement over the LRU block replacement … [p. 107] The LRFU policy associates a value with … likelihood that the block will be referenced in … [sum (1/2)^.lambda.x where x is the time span from the previous reference.] … [p. 108] [The threshold] policy allows us to limit the … d_threshold blocks in the heap can have a … [Implemented via a linked list and a priority heap of d_threshold blocks]   Google-1   Google-2

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