Quote: DoubleSpace compresses 8-Kbyte clusters into 512-byte sectors; code is accessible from applications

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compressed data
user-centered operating system
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DoubleSpace stores all compressed data in a single … … Since [a CVF] stores compressed data at the cluster … … Small files, even if they are not compressible, … [p. 199] The BitFAT indicates which sectors in the … MS-DOS 6 rebuilds the BitFAT each time it … by scanning the MD-FAT. … The MD-FAT is a table of 4-byte entries … [p. 200] a DoubleSpace drive always has 8-KB clusters. … [p. 202] [The compression code (MRCI 15K bytes) is accessible from other programs   Google-1   Google-2

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Quote: DoubleSpace rebuilds its sector bit map whenever the disk is mounted

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