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Users may retain email indefinetely for contacts and an historical record.

Email may be distributed and archived via a corporate database. (cbb 3/07)

Subtopic: message sets -- e.g., active up

Quote: Walnut uses messages and message-sets; new mail goes to 'active' while deleted mail goes to 'deleted' [»kentJ8_1988]
Quote: a message file is a group of messages with similar meaning; e.g., from x about project y [»tsicD1_1983]
Quote: message files will tend to be large and require a sequential scan [»tsicD1_1983]

Subtopic: message folders not needed up

Quote: with mail browsing, folders are less necessary; some users just had 'active', 'deleted' and 'archived' folders [»kentJ8_1988]
Quote: few Cedar users switched to Walnut's mail database due to low performance, no queries, no need for transactions [»kentJ8_1988]
Quote: second release of Walnut was better received [»kentJ8_1988]

Subtopic: recency queries up

Quote: almost half of mail queries with a date restriction were less than a week ago [»kentJ8_1988]

Subtopic: mail as database up

Quote: Star's file drawers and mail in-baskets are also databases; can be queried

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