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An abstract or virtual function defines the argument types for a function but not its implementation. An abstract function removes the need for a case statement. Abstract functions define interface types and abstract classes. (cbb 4/01)
Subtopic: abstract function identifies parameter types up

Quote: virtual functions identify the type of an object in a type-secure way
Quote: virtual functions avoid the need for type tests and case switches. They take nearly the same space as a type field
Quote: a virtual function defines an interface to yet-to-be-defined classes, and it depends on yet-to-be defined classes [»stroB_1991]
Quote: use virtual function calls rather than run-time type inquiries even though the later may be easier and more efficient

Subtopic: abstract functions need to define the expected behavior up

Quote: when designing a class, it is important to specify the expected behavior of virtual functions

Subtopic: abstract data types via abstract function up

Quote: the object-oriented abstract type is a bigger building block than a module interface, procedure, statement, or instruction [»nelsG_1991]
Quote: an abstract type is an interface defined by pure virtual functions and no data members; most operations are virtual function calls [»stroB_1991]
Quote: an abstract type is implemented with concrete types
Quote: an object implements an abstract data type with a private, mutable state and public operations on the state [»taivA4_1993]

Subtopic: virtual members up

Quote: a class may define virtual quantities for access from a super class; like call-by-name; compiler could check virtual specification [»dahlOJ_1967]
Quote: a virtual field takes no space in a data record if it is not declared; greater flexibility in attribute referencing

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