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A variable may stand for a type like a procedure variable stands for a procedure. Type variables include the operations defined for a type. They can declare variables, be tested for type equality, be assigned, and be case discriminated. The simplest are literals where the type variable refers to a type's definition. The type variable may be parameterized. (cbb 5/80)
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QuoteRef: dahlOJ_1972 ;;98 type values can be tested for equality, assigned and case discriminated

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QuoteRef: gescCM6_1975 ;;33 can declare literal variables of type Type by intarrav: Type= ARRAY[1..10] OF integer
QuoteRef: wegbB5_1974 ;;7 mode valued variables for declaring other variables
QuoteRef: wirtN7_1973 ;;3 types may be defined and referenced by name

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QuoteRef: ledgHF9_1971 ;;134 types can be associated with value (needs dynamic type checking)

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