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Quote: found eye gaze effective for displaying information relevant to an object; used 150-250 ms. dwell time [»jacoRJ4_1990]

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Quote: can effectively drag an object with eye gaze; was subjectively instantaneous; hard to drag to a blank spot [»jacoRJ4_1990]
Quote: should treat eye position as a useful piece of information, but not for intentional action [»jacoRJ4_1990]

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Quote: can select commands with eye gaze if use a 1 sec. dwell time; but more convenient to use a button [»jacoRJ4_1990]

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Quote: if eye gaze activates commands, it is like the Midas Touch; difficult to distinguish just looking and button pushing [»jacoRJ4_1990]
Quote: eye gaze is not effective for directly controlling the cursor; people want to look without meaning something [»jacoRJ4_1990]
Quote: using an eye tracker is disconcerting; like being watched

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