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Light pens and mice are separate from the keyboard, slowing mixed input. Alternatives are keyboard array positioning, one handed keyboards, head motion for cursor positioning, and rapid character repeats by sensing the key's duration. (cbb 5/80)
Subtopic: bandwidth and footprint up

Quote: bandwidth and footprint of pointing devices must match task; e.g., headmouse not suitable for text editing [»cardSK4_1991]
Quote: fingers have a bandwidth of 17.6 bits/s; four times that of a mouse; can a device use this? [»cardSK4_1991]

Subtopic: non-dominant hand up

Quote: non-dominant hand works well for rough pointing or motion; track ball least degradation but still worse than mouse, easier to learn [»kabbP4_1993]
Quote: nonpreferred hand holds doll to dynamically define the frame of reference; relative to hand position instead of a fixed frame, screen, or center point

Subtopic: two-handed input up

Quote: in video games, users manipulate more than one device at a time to achieve a goal [»buxtW_1986]
Quote: with a two-handed interface, users can easily express complex spatial relations; e.g., cut relative to view [»hincK9_1998]

Subtopic: light pen up

Quote: Sketchpad tracks the pseudo pen location, a bright dot at the nearest drawing part; used for drawing operations [»suthIE5_1963]
Quote: light pen is a natural for pointing, but it must be held up during use [»englWK3_1967]
Quote: experienced users find the mouse faster and more accurate; novices did better with a light pen or knee control [»englWK3_1967]

Subtopic: touch and point sensitive up

Quote: a SDMS user can go directly to a subsector by touching the world view monitor [»boltRA_1979]
Quote: in a graphical world, pointing acts the same as a pronoun; e.g., "Put that there" [»boltRA7_1980]

Subtopic: joysticks up

Quote: novice users learn Dataland navigation via a joystick in less than a minute [»boltRA_1979]
Quote: SDMS provides joysticks for positioning Dataland and for zoom control [»boltRA_1979]

Subtopic: tracking robot up

Quote: curlybot is a two-wheeled toy for young children; it duplicates intricate motions with record and playback modes [»freiP4_2000]

Subtopic: mouse, trackpoint, trackball, touchpad up

Quote: for steering tasks, tablet and mouse are faster than trackpoint which is faster than trackball or touchpad [»accoJ5_1999]

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