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Quote: the Aurora Borealis may be the discharge of electricity to the poles and back towards the equator [»faraM_1839, OK]

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Quote: the sun at night has either reached the limit of the sky or continued beneath the ground [»lucr_55]
Quote: the length of day and night change with the seasons because the sun's course above and below ground slice the sky's regions in unequal arcs, or air is denser underneath the earth, or the sun is created anew each day at different rates [»lucr_55]

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Quote: Aristarchus of Samos conjectured that the earth revolves around the sun, and the stars are far away [»arch_287]
Quote: Copernicus believed that Venus goes around the sun even though Venus when far from the earth was nearly the same size as it was when close to the earth [»galiG_1632]

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Quote: the Lincean Academy was the first scientific society of lasting significance; kept Galileo informed; coined 'telescope' [»drakS_1980]
Quote: Galileo's perfection of the telescope from news that it was possible [»galiG_1623]

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Quote: the head of a comet is like a conglobate nebula; its beard is an effluvium from the head, expelled through the rays of the sun; the tail represents the death of the head

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