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Quote: there is an unmoved mover that moves the first heaven; eternal and primary
Quote: the planets are moved by 47 moving and countermoving spheres; one for each movement of a planet [»aris_322a]
Quote: the end of every movement must be one of the divine bodies moving in the sky; no other ultimate source for movement; no infinite regress [»aris_322a]
Quote: sensible objects, ideas, numbers, and contraries do not explain movement or the eternal; there must be something else
Quote: divers, possible explanations for the movements of the stars; which is right? we cannot say, but one of them has to hold true [»lucr_55]

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Quote: the universe is limitless; can not run to the very end and launch a spear [»lucr_55]

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Quote: if the same force and nature abide everywhere, there are other worlds with other races of people and other kinds of animals in other places [»lucr_55]

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Quote: it appears that the big bang state is less probable than the entire solar system being created by random collisions [»penrR_1989]
Quote: the big bang is the beginning of the world but field equations and field variables have no real significance; avoids question of singularities [»einsA_1956, OK]
Quote: wood is a fossil of a tree, iron is a fossil of a thermonuclear reaction, elementary particles are fossils of the big bang [»ferrT9_1982]
Quote: at the big bang, the universe revealed all the symmetries; then it 'crystallized' and lost symmetries [»ferrT9_1982]
Quote: if the universe expanded more rapidly than the effect of physical processes; it could produce macroscopic information [»layzD12_1975]

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Quote: the universe is unfolding in time and not unraveling; it is constantly more complex and richer in information [»layzD12_1975]
Quote: time and change have always been [»aris_322a]
Quote: the earth coalesced from a swirling maelstrom of atoms; the sun, moon, stars, and seas squeezed out from its core [»lucr_55]

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Quote: no continuous change except locomotion, and no continuous locomotion except cyclical
Quote: the first heaven is eternal with unceasing and cyclical motion

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