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Symmetry is an invariance under some transformation. For example, a circle has circular symmetry because it is invariant under rotation about its center. Group theory is the formalization of symmetry.

Modern geometry is based on transformation and symmetry. For example, a line is that which is preserved when flipping a plane.

In physics, a symmetry implies a conservation law. For example, quantum mechanical laws are invariant under spatial translation. This invariance is equavalent to the conservation of momentum. (cbb 4/06)

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Quote: something is symmetrical if it is invariant under some transformation; e.g., Newtonian laws are symmetrical under translation [»feynRP_1963]

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Quote: the laws of physics contain many symmetries: translation in space and time, rotation, uniform velocity, reversal in space and time, interchange of identical atoms, phase, matter-antimatter [»feynRP_1963]
Quote: a physical system is symmetric with respect to an operation if the operation commutes with the passage of time [»feynRP_1965]
Quote: at the big bang, the universe revealed all the symmetries; then it 'crystallized' and lost symmetries [»ferrT9_1982]
Quote: partial symmetries such as neutrons/protons may arise out of complexity [»feynR_1965]
Quote: if the universe expanded more rapidly than the effect of physical processes; it could produce macroscopic information [»layzD12_1975]

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Quote: Noether's theorem--a symmetry in nature implies a conservation law and vice versa [»creaRP_1986]
Quote: each of the symmetries in physical law corresponds to a conservation law: e.g., symmetry under translation is space means that momentum is conserved; e.g., conservation of energy, angular momentum, and electrical charge [»feynRP_1963]
Quote: symmetries are the basis of all conservation laws of quantum mechanics; e.g., conservation of energy, momentum, angular momentum, parity

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Quote: computer science is messy because it lacks the locality, symmetry, and invariance to scale found in physics [»hillWD_1985]
Quote: a relationship can be anti-symmetric

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