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In mathematics, the trend is towards the most general theorems. In programming, the trend is toward general languages and universal operating systems. Programming languages are standardized and compiled which makes the language locally and globally rigid. The operating system also locks in an interface to the computer. Usually they provide a number of conveniences which for real programs may become unwanted features. The user's interface to general purpose computers is capable of any action, but its rigidity makes it inappropriate for any specific activity. (cbb 5/80)
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Quote: Fleximatic provides a set of services for any problem instead of special features for an area of computation [»holtAW5_1958]
Quote: a bank's computer can play a game of chess; i.e., computers are capable of inventive nonsense [»mckeWM_1975]

Subtopic: no change == inflexible up

Quote: the difficulty of modifying a language's compiler can prevent extending the language [»halpMI1_1968]

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Quote: software is general if it can be used without change; it is flexible if it can be easily changed [»parnDL5_1978]
Quote: generalized software is less efficient than flexible software

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Quote: a general-purpose system can not optimize the use of resources; too easy to overload the system and degrade service by thrashing [»lampBW10_1983]
Quote: a mathematician proves a general theorem instead of closely related ones; but in software, generality is too expensive for unlikely events [»parnDL5_1978]

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Quote: hardware and system designers create walls accidentally when trying to be user friendly [»palmJ1_1978]
Quote: for example, an operating system may output a 'return' if a line becomes too long, but this destroys picture drawing via cursor control

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