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Text contains spelling errors and users make spelling errors in entering a query. Genetic sequence alignment is another application of approximate string matching. Similar sequences indicate a common ancestor.

Here are several algorithms for approximate string matching. (cbb 4/98)

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Quote: simple, fast algorithm for approximate string matching; special cases k-break periodic strings; uses suffix tree; short, overlapping text partitions; pattern at least 5k^3 where k is the maximum edit distance [»coleR9_2002]
Quote: survey of approximate string matching; focus on edit distance; includes performance tests [»navaG3_2001]
Quote: Glimpse features a small index and approximate matching; divide data into blocks, index the blocks, full text search of possible matches [»manbU10_1993]
Quote: about approximate matching of strings, e.g., due to spelling mistakes [»hallPA12_1980]
Quote: fast algorithms for approximate string matching with hashing [»duMW8_1994]
Quote: simple, efficient algorithm for pattern matching with k mismatches; based on shift-add and character skip; O(nk) [»elmaN6_1996]
Quote: use trie methods for k-approximate string matching; 4 times faster than agrep for k=1, otherwise slower [»shanH8_1996]
Quote: use dynamic suffix arrays to detect, on-line, the occurrences of a string subject to incremental insertions and deletions [»ferrP1_1995]
Quote: perform approximate matching on words in index, then use inverted index to locate data [»manbU10_1993]
Quote: approximate matching with k errors by exact matching on k+1 parts and search the resulting matches [»manbU4_1997]
Quote: use trie methods for k-approximate string matching; 4 times faster than agrep for k=1, otherwise slower [»shanH8_1996]
Quote: improved filtration algorithm for approximate string matching with moderate error levels; faster than agrep [»navaG1_1999]

Subtopic: approximate range up

Quote: optimal, approximate range query using skip quadtrees; produces a convex or non-convex k-fat region [»eppsD6_2005]

Subtopic: compressed text up

Quote: first practical algorithm for approximate pattern matching over Ziv-Lempel compressed text; multipattern search; faster than decompressing plus searching [»navaG3_2001a]

Subtopic: n-grams, proper names, membership up

Quote: gives approximate membership tester that does not need an independent sequence of hash functions [»cartL5_1978]
Quote: Synoname matches personal names by heuristics derived from correct matches of personal names [»grosAD4_1991]
Quote: n-grams of text streams are efficient, robust, and capture statistically significant phrases [»coheJD12_1998]

Subtopic: misspelling, and transcription errors up

Quote: the number of distinct words in a text is nearly linear in the size of the text; e.g., misspellings [»moffA3_1994]
Quote: the largest source of errors in nucleotide sequence data is transcription errors during publication

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