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curried functions
inheritance of properties
non-hierarchical classification and multiple classification
object-oriented prototypes
type inheritance as reuse
Subtopic: object-oriented delegation up

Quote: a C# delegate is a method plus an object or class; like a function pointer; normal call [»wiltS10_2000]

Subtopic: delegation as inheritance up

Quote: an extension object uses delegation to forward a message to an appropriate receiver [»liebH11_1986]
Quote: it is easy to implement inheritance with delegation of messages, but not vice versa [»liebH11_1986]
Quote: inheritance by delegation allows changes to a parent node to automatically apply to descendants [»taivA9_1996]
Quote: delegation inheritance shares attributes while embedding inheritance copies attributes; can distinguish in object-based languages but not class-based languages [»abadM_1996]

Subtopic: delegate to prototype up

Quote: use delegation and prototypes to remove the distinction between class and instance [»liebH11_1986]
Quote: if want some object to share knowledge with a prototype, it delegates messages to the prototype that it can't handle [»liebH11_1986]

Subtopic: distinguish class, prototype, and object up

Quote: delegation-based object languages like Self and Cecil now distinguish trait objects (like classes), prototype objects (for cloning), and normal objects; enforceable

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