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Quote: the 'vocabulary' of a program is the sum of unique operators and unique operands [»smitCP_1980]
Quote: the 'length' of a program is the total number of operators and operands [»smitCP_1980]
Quote: can estimate 'length' of a program from its 'vocabulary' [»smitCP_1980]
Quote: Halstead's 'length' formula worked best for medium sized programs; small modules had a wide variance; very small were half as estimated [»smitCP_1980]

Subtopic: problems with software science up

Quote: in Software Science, the strong correlation between estimated and actual program length is a mathematical artifact [»cardDN3_1987]
Quote: the formulas and interpretations used in software science are neither natural laws not useful approximations [»hamePG9_1982]
Quote: the formulas of software science are not statistical; this is a serious weakness [»hamePG9_1982]
Quote: the counting rules of software science are ill-defined, and not applicable for structured and abstract data types [»hamePG9_1982]
Quote: the experimental support for software science is largely illusory

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Topic: software metrics
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