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Subtopic: size as absolute up

Quote: relativity does not apply to size; every atom of iron has precisely the same magnitude [»briaD_1996]
Quote: the scale of an individual atom is definite; Galileo discovered the effect of scale on the strength of materials [»feynRP_1963]

Subtopic: law of large numbers up

Quote: any cause however slight can lead to new species; because nature deals with nearly infinite individuals and time scales [»wallAR8_1858, OK]

Subtopic: size as complexity up

Quote: code size is effectively synonymous with complexity; high correlation between complexity metrics and NCSL (non-comment and non-header source lines) [»eickSG1_2001]
Quote: algrebraic specification should scale; at any level, its size and complexity is independent of the size and complexity of the system being described [»guttJV6_1977]
Quote: a vast amount of code is required to realize a programmer's intent, often concisely stated [»laruJR5_2004]
Quote: huge operating systems with poor fault isolation; any statement can overwrite key data structures of unrelated components [»taneAS5_2006]
Quote: the number of atomic shapes is limited, otherwise some atoms would be infinitely large; only so many combinations of parts can fit in a given size [»lucr_55]

Subtopic: scale up

Quote: at 1:25,000 reduction, all of the information ever recorded in books can be placed in a pamphlet at full resolution [»feynR12_1959]

Subtopic: small vs. large up

Quote: a cat can fall much further without harm than a horse; similarly a very tall oak can not spread its branches as much as a normal oak and a horse has a natural size
Quote: in mechanics one can not reason from the small to the large; even though geometry is independent of scale [»galiG_1638]

Subtopic: testing up

Quote: use correctness tools to close the immense gap between code and intent

Subtopic: emergent phenomena up

Quote: the real mystique of computers is their elaborate behavior from limited capabilities [»kentW_1978]
Quote: just as waving a bar magnet doesn't generate visible light, small-scale symbol manipulation does not produce semantic phenomena
Quote: nothing can be made of nothing; otherwise any breed could be born from any other; people would pop out of the sea

Subtopic: surface vs. volume up

Quote: it can be demonstrated geometrically that large objects are proportionately less resistant than small objects [»galiG_1638]

Subtopic: effect of cylinder radius up

Quote: the resistance of two cylinders to breakage has the same ratio as the cube of their diameters; why machines and trees can not be immense

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