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Subtopic: geometry and statistics up

Quote: very few phenomena depend on simple, mathematical laws--gravitation, light, and electricity; tied to geometry of space and statistical effects [»thomR_1975]
Quote: time and space are really statistical concepts, like temperature; meaningless for a single particle [»creaRP_1986]
Quote: if statistical properties are spatially independent, the meaningful properties of the universe are statistical and not microscopic [»layzD12_1975]

Subtopic: quantum mechanics and statistics up

Quote: under quantum mechanics, all measurement irreversibly changes a process, and the only stability is statistical [»thomR_1975]
Quote: probabilitistic laws of radiation fundamentally different than statistical analysis of complex system; with radiation, there is no individuality or elementary process [»bohrN_1949]

Subtopic: perpetual motion up

Quote: perpetual motion is impossible; due to friction and the conservation of force

Subtopic: learning and evolution as stochastic up

Quote: the two great stochastic systems are learning and evolution; the unity of the combined system is necessary [»bateG_1979]

Subtopic: macroscopic vs. microscopic up

Quote: with a statistical distribution, microscopic properties do not have meaning because any pattern is certain to be found many times [»layzD12_1975]
Quote: under entropy, macroscopic information is converted into microscopic information (i.e., the location of molecules) [»layzD12_1975]
Quote: convergent sequences are predictable because they concern immense crowds or classes of individuals [»bateG_1979]
Quote: random perturbations from the rest of the universe dissipates microscopic information; ensures the growth of thermodynamic entropy [»layzD12_1975]
Quote: displacing one gram of matter by one centimeter at the distance of Sirius effects (in one microsecond) the microscopic state of a macroscopic volume of gas [»layzD12_1975]

Subtopic: viscosity up

Quote: if very small spheres are suspended in liquid, the coefficient of viscosity is propotional to their volume [»einsA4_1905]

Subtopic: brownian motion up

Quote: bodies of microscopically visible size suspended in liquids must, as a result of thermal molecular motions, perform easily observed, Brownian motion; allows exact determination of atomic size [»einsA5_1905]
Quote: a suspended body performs an irregular, albeit very slow, motion; exerts osmotic pressure just like dissolved molecules [»einsA5_1905]
Quote: the unseen blows of atoms ultimately cause the myriads of motes to dance in a sunlit room [»lucr_55]

Subtopic: subatomic history up

Quote: preparing two electrons in the same state is equivalent to breeding two ducks with the same heredity [»thomR_1975]
Quote: perhaps the complexity of the subatomic world is due to its complicated history [»ferrT9_1982]
Quote: Nature herself does not even known which way the electron is going to go; intrinsically probabilistic [»feynR_1965]

Subtopic: selection vs. random up

Quote: Euripides--does random careless chance and change, alone control the world? [»euri_425]
Quote: need some sort of selective machinery to pluck the new idea or structure from the random; otherwise would not persist [»bateG_1979]

Subtopic: reversible vs. irreversible up

Quote: the diffusion of perfume always proceeds in the same direction, but its microscopic events are freely reversible [»layzD12_1975]

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