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Subtopic: acceptable risks up

Quote: email users accept risks of resource deprivation and non-technical attacks

Subtopic: encrypted broadcast up

Quote: Community Information Service broadcasts encrypted messages with a key identifier [»giffDK12_1985]
Quote: Vice's services prevents forged mail in Andrew and allows private bulletin boards [»boreN2_1988]

Subtopic: sabotage up

Quote: work group software is liable to sabotage by co-workers [»dvorJC9_1988]

Subtopic: fine-grained security up

Quote: Clearinghouse uses an access control list for each operation, domain [»oppeDC10_1981]
Quote: Clearinghouse authenticates all update requests against requesters credentials [»oppeDC7_1983]
Quote: Clearinghouse attaches an access control list to each domain and property [»oppeDC7_1983]
Quote: Clearinghouse sentry to verify and forward internetwork requests [»oppeDC10_1981]

Subtopic: worms up

Quote: defenses against worm programs must be at the host level and its application programs; not at the network level [»rochJA6_1989]
Quote: Cornell worm sites which immediately disconnected hurt themselves and the community; no bug fixes and no findings reported [»rochJA6_1989]
Quote: logging information was important for identifying the Cornell worm [»rochJA6_1989]

Subtopic: computational email up

Quote: computational email needs to be secure; at least compared to generally accepted risks [»boreNS11_1992]
Quote: risks for computational email--destruction of resources, theft of resources, and deprivation of resources [»boreNS11_1992]
Quote: secure, computational email by restricted access to a single subdirectory; e.g., limit size and number of created files
Quote: secure, computational email by disallowing nonprintable characters

Subtopic: on-line calendar security up

Quote: use public entries in on-line calendars: helps meeting organizers, potential attenders, and locating individuals [»paleL12_1997]
Quote: only reveal unscheduled time in on-line calendars [»paleL12_1997]
Quote: most users maintain their privacy defaults as shipped; most users think the default is correct

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