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An integer is a natural number, either signed or unsigned. Computers typically implement integer operations in hardware. An integer value may be boxed as an object. Units identify different kinds of integers.

Be careful of using the 'div' and 'mod' operations. Several definitions exist for these operations.

Compressed files of integers are faster than uncompressed files. (cbb 7/06)

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Quote: should use the Knuth and Euclidean definition of 'div' and 'mod'; greater regularity [»boutRT4_1992]
Quote: solver for linear equations extended with integer division and modulus, sign extension, and bit slicing; uses balancing to eliminate some nonlinear operators before Gaussian elimination [»ramsN4_1996]

Subtopic: integers as objects up

Quote: in CLU, every integer is a separate object [»liskBH2_1976, OK]
Quote: an Eiffel class is a data type; includes basic types such as integers [»meyeB9_1990]
Quote: CLU stores small immutable objects in variables, e.g., integers and Booleans; programs can not detect the lack of sharing [»liskB_1996]

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Quote: can model time with discrete (integers) or dense (reals) elements; discrete time points is more widespread [»theoCI3_1991]
Quote: temporary integers are inexpensive but temporary structures are expensive; structures need update instead of value [»hoarCA_1973, OK]
Quote: the positive and negative integers are relations instead of a class of classes; e.g., -n is the relation of n to n+m [»russB_1919, OK]
Quote: with a programming language, deal with mathematical integers instead of bit-patterns and addresses [»straC3_1973]
Quote: different types of numbers do not include simpler types; e.g., the positive integers are not the same as the natural numbers [»russB_1919, OK]

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Quote: files of integers should always be stored compressed; faster access; use variable-bit compression for files larger than 100 Mbyte [»willHE3_1999]

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Quote: units allow programmers to distinguish different kinds of integers [»cleaJC_1975]

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Quote: XML cannot distinguish integers from strings; XML Schema requires all type extensions before validation

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