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Bernstein, P.A., Rothnie, J.B., Goodman, N., Papadimitriou, C.A., "The concurrency control mechanism of SDD-1: A system for distributed databases (the fully redundant case)", IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, SE-4, 3, pp. 154-168, May 1978. Google

154 ;;Quote: SDD-1 manages the retrieval of distributed data and the updating of shared copies
155 ;;Quote: SDD-1 supports a distributed database that expands by adding new sites and moderate-size computers
155 ;;Quote: SDD-1 does not require that every transaction use global locking to update data
156 ;;Quote: serializability only requires some serial order is equivalent to an interleaved operation
156 ;;Quote: a single transaction generates one local action followed by as many update actions as there are sites
156+;;Quote: remote updates for a transaction may be interleaved with other transactions and updates
157 ;;Quote: if need to guarantee uniqueness of timestamps in a network, require one tick between each local timestamp and qualify with siteid
157 ;;Quote: site n updates its local copy of a data item iff its local timestamp is older than the requesting transaction's timestamp
QuoteRef: bernPA5_1978 ;;157 four different protocols for different levels of synchronization; simplest depends on pipelined messages
158 ;;Quote: a site requesting an update action, waits for ACCEPT messages with later timestamps from all other sites; ensures all up-to-date
158 ;;Quote: with protocol's P2 & P3, a site broadcasts an update request; while waiting, it can process unrelated transactions
166 ;;Quote: SDD-1 assigns a transaction protocol by a protocol table that embodies a detailed analysis of how classes interfere with each other

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