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primitive data types of a language
shared objects
variable as function that accesses an object's value
references i-l
data type by access rights
representation data type
interface type
data type compatibility
type parameter


Jones, A.K., Liskov, B.H., "An access control facility for programming languages", Memo 137, MIT Computation Structures Group, April 1976. Google

QuoteRef: joneAK4_1976 ;;7 each object has rights and requires certain rights for arguments, can create rights when create a new object
8 ;;Quote: once created, an object can not increase its rights; e.g., by parameter passing
QuoteRef: joneAK4_1976 ;;8 a variable declared with rights which is same or subset as rights of its type
QuoteRef: joneAK4_1976 ;;9 rights of a variable are always fixed but object it references may change
QuoteRef: joneAK4_1976 ;;11 two variables may share an object iff 2nd has nor more rights than the first variable (done by a .replaceArrow. b)
QuoteRef: joneAK4_1976 ;;14 "There exist a number of primitive data types (eg integer boolean, array
15 ;;Quote: rights are amplified on entering a type-module; type is converted to representation type with additional rights
19 ;;Quote: a procedure can specify that a parameter has an 'insert' operator; allows use of 'insert'; enforced
QuoteRef: joneAK4_1976 ;;22 can specify different rights for data structure and for each element
22 ;;Quote: changing the qualifying rights for an element of a data structure changes its type
22 ;;Quote: allow the type of a data structure element to be unspecified (? type)
QuoteRef: joneAK4_1976 ;;29 variable is an access path to an object i.e. a reference and an allowable set of operations

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