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Chapanis, A., Parrish, R.N., Ochsman, R.B., Weeks, G.D., "Studies in interactive communication: II. The effects of four communication modes on the linguistic performance of teams during cooperative problem solving ", Human Factors, 19, 2, April 1977, pp. 101-126. Google

118 ;;Quote: with face-to-face communication much fewer messages to confirm that the seeker at the right part
123 ;;Quote: face-to-face speakers used 14% more words and 23% more different words then voice only
123 ;;Quote: similarity between face-to-face communication and voice-only may explain success of telephone and failure of videophone
125 ;;Quote: problem solution is twice as fast with a voice channel instead of a paper channel
125 ;;Quote: about a third of time spent communicating during cooperative task solving
125 ;;Quote: searching for information largest category of activity for most modes of communication
125 ;;Quote: voice communicators used 13x as many words and 4x as many unique words as are necessary

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