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Quotation references starting with 'c' or 'd'.
QuoteRef: caiHG9_1985 ;;Cai, Wang, A self-teaching technique of an arc welding robot with three degree of freedom
QuoteRef: cainSH_1975 ;;Caine, Gordon, PDL--A tool for software design
QuoteRef: cameJR2_1986 ;;Cameron, An overview of JSD
QuoteRef: campB7_1988 ;;Campbell, Goodman, HAM: A general purpose hypertext abstract machine
QuoteRef: campJ_1982 ;;Campbell, Grammatical Man
QuoteRef: campM1_1980 ;;Campbell-Kelly, Programming the EDSAC: early programming activity at the University of Cambridge
QuoteRef: campNR_1919 ;;Campbell, Physics: the elements
QuoteRef: cannA7_2002 ;;Cannane, Williams, A general-purpose compression scheme for large collections
QuoteRef: cannDJ6_2000 ;;Cannarozzi, Plezbert, Cytron, Contaminated garbage Collection
QuoteRef: caplM12_1987 ;;Caplinger, An information system based on distributed objects
QuoteRef: carbJG3_1978 ;;Carbonell, Schank, Comments on the paper of Cherniavsky. On artificial intelligence and attempts to disprove its existence.
QuoteRef: cardDN3_1987 ;;Card, Agresti, Resolving the software science anomaly
QuoteRef: cardL_1991 ;;Cardelli, Donahue, Glassman, Jordan, Kalsow, Nelson, [Modula-3:] Language definition
QuoteRef: cardSK3_1979 ;;Card, Moran, Newell, The keystroke-level model for user performance time with interactive systems
QuoteRef: cardSK4_1991 ;;Card, MacKinlay, Robertson, A morphological analysis of the design space of input devices
QuoteRef: cardSK7_1980 ;;Card, Moran, Newell, The keystroke-level model for user performance time with interactive systems
QuoteRef: cardSK_1983 ;;Card, Moran, Newell, The psychology of human-computer interaction
QuoteRef: cargTA10_1987 ;;Cargill, Locanthi, Cheap Hardware support for software debugging and profiling
QuoteRef: carlPA_1988 ;;Carlson, Hypertext: A way of incorporating user feedback into online documentation
QuoteRef: carlS2_1991 ;;Carlsson, Mattsson, Poblete, Bengtsson, A new compacting garbage-collection algorithm with a good average-case performance
QuoteRef: carnR_1931 ;;Carnap, The logicist foundations of mathematics
QuoteRef: carrJ4_2001 ;;Carroll, What the old can teach the young
QuoteRef: carrJM10_1986 ;;Carroll, Campbell, Softening up hard science: reply to Newell and Card
QuoteRef: carrJM11_1982 ;;Carroll, The adventure of getting to know a computer
QuoteRef: carrJM4_1982 ;;Carroll, Thomas, Metaphor and the cognitive representation of computing systems
QuoteRef: carrJM8_1984 ;;Carroll, Carrithers, Training wheels in a user interface
QuoteRef: carrJM9_1988 ;;Carroll, Aaronson, Learning by doing with simulated intelligent help
QuoteRef: carrJM_1987 ;;Carroll, Rosson, Paradox of the active user
QuoteRef: carrJM_1990 ;;Carroll, The Nurnberg Funnel: Designing minimalist instruction for practical computer skill
QuoteRef: carrJW_1985 ;;Carr, The future of programming languages
QuoteRef: carrN4_1989 ;;Carriero, Gelernter, Linda in context
QuoteRef: cartDG1_1990 ;;Carta, Two fast implementations of the "minimal standard" random number generator
QuoteRef: cartJL_1979 ;;Carter, Wegman, Universal classes of hash functions
QuoteRef: cartL5_1978 ;;Carter, Floyd, Gill, Markowsky, Wegman, Exact and approximate membership testers
QuoteRef: cartR1_1985 ;;Cartwright, Types as intervals
QuoteRef: cartWC_1978 ;;Carter, Joyner, Brand, Microprogram verification considered necessary
QuoteRef: cashPM11_1979 ;;Cashman, MONSTR Version 1.0 User's Reference Manual
QuoteRef: cashPM11_1980 ;;Cashman, Holt, Knobe, Set Manipulation and working groups: A specification for proposed MONSTR services
QuoteRef: cashPM1_1980 ;;Cashman, Holt, A communication-oriented approach to structuring the software maintenance environment
QuoteRef: cashPM2_1985 ;;Cashman, An overview of XCP: A system for supporting coordinated work
QuoteRef: casiRJ9_1983 ;;Casimir, Collection of variables
QuoteRef: cbb_1973 ;;Barber, from notebooks 1973-1979
QuoteRef: cbb_1980 ;;Barber, from notebooks 1980-1989
QuoteRef: cbb_1990 ;;Barber, from notebooks, 1990-1999
QuoteRef: cbb_2000 ;;Barber, from notebooks, 2000-2009
QuoteRef: celkJ7_1981 ;;Celko, Letter to the editor.
QuoteRef: cercN11_1985 ;;Cercone, Boates, Krause, An interactive system for finding perfect hash functions
QuoteRef: ceruPE3_1991 ;;Ceruzzi, When computers were human
QuoteRef: chaiGJ2_1986 ;;Chaitin, Register allocation and spilling via graph coloring
QuoteRef: chaiGJ5_1975 ;;Chaitin, Randomness and mathematical proof
QuoteRef: chaiGJ6_1982 ;;Chaitin, Register allocation & spilling via graph coloring
QuoteRef: chaiGJ_1966 ;;Chaitin, On the length of programs for computing finite binary sequences
QuoteRef: chaiGJ_1970 ;;Chaitin, On the difficulty of computations
QuoteRef: chaiGJ_1981 ;;Chaitin, Auslander, Chandra, Cocke, Hopkins, Markstein, Register allocation via coloring
QuoteRef: chakS8_1998 ;;Chakrabarti, Dom, Kumar, Raghavan, Rajagopalan, Tomkins, Gibson, Kleinberg, Mining the web's link structure
QuoteRef: chamC4_1995 ;;Chambers, Dean, Grove, A framework for selective recompilation in the presence of complex intermodule dependencies
QuoteRef: chamDD_1971 ;;Chamberlin, The 'single-assignment' approach to parallel processing
QuoteRef: chanE3_1978 ;;Chang, Kaden, Elliott, Abstract data types in Euclid
QuoteRef: chanJM_2000 ;;Chang, Daugherty, An efficient data structure for dynamic memory management
QuoteRef: chanKM7_1980 ;;Chandy, Misra, A simple model of distributed programs based on implementation-hiding and process autonomy
QuoteRef: chanRN_1974 ;;Chanon, On a measure of program structure
QuoteRef: chanSC7_1993 ;;Chang, Du, Diamond deque: a simple data structure for priority deques
QuoteRef: chanYI11_1999 ;;Chang, Lee, Chang Liaw, Linear spiral hashing for expansible files
QuoteRef: chanYI9_1995 ;;Chang, Lee, Climbing hashing for expandible files
QuoteRef: chapA1_1965 ;;Chapanis, On the allocation of functions between men and machines
QuoteRef: chapA3_1973 ;;Chapanis, The communication of factual information through various channels
QuoteRef: chapA3_1975 ;;Chapanis, Interactive human communication
QuoteRef: chapA4_1977 ;;Chapanis, Parrish, Ochsman, Weeks, Studies in interactive communication: II. The effects of four communication modes on the linguistic performance of teams during cooperative problem solving
QuoteRef: chapN10_1974 ;;Chapin, New format for flowcharts
QuoteRef: chapN5_1978 ;;Chapin, Denniston, Characteristics of a structured program
QuoteRef: charD11_1987 ;;Charney, Comprehending non-linear text: The role of discourse cues and reading strategies
QuoteRef: charJ5_1997 ;;Charles, Snapshots from industry
QuoteRef: chavE9_2001 ;;Chavez, Navarro, Baeza-Yates, Marroquin, Searching in metric spaces
QuoteRef: cheaAM9_2000 ;;Cheadle, Field, Marlow, Peyton Jones, While, Non-stop Haskell
QuoteRef: cheaTE_1976 ;;Cheatham, Townley, A look at programming and programming systems
QuoteRef: cheaTE_1979 ;;Cheatham, Townley, Holloway, A system for program refinement
QuoteRef: chenPM9_1996 ;;Chen, Ng, Chandra, Asycock, Rajamani, Lowell, The Rio file cache: surviving operating system crashes
QuoteRef: chenPP3_1976 ;;Chen, The entity-relationship model--toward a unified view of data
QuoteRef: chenPP_1977 ;;Chen, The entity-relationship model -- a basis for the enterprise view of data
QuoteRef: chenPP_1977b ;;Chen, The entity-relationship approach to logical data base design
QuoteRef: cherC5_1988 ;;Cherniak, Undebuggability and cognitive science
QuoteRef: cherDR12_1993 ;;Cheriton, Skeen, Understanding the limitations of causally and totally ordered communication
QuoteRef: cherDR2_1979 ;;Cheriton, Malcolm, Melen, Sager, Thoth, a portable real-time operating system
QuoteRef: cherDR3_1988 ;;Cheriton, The V distributed system
QuoteRef: cherDR4_1984 ;;Cheriton, The V kernel: A software base for distributed systems
QuoteRef: cherDR5_1986 ;;Cheriton, Problem-oriented shared memory: A decentralized approach to distributed system design
QuoteRef: cherDR_1976 ;;Cheriton, Man-machine interface design for timesharing systems
QuoteRef: cherV7_1978 ;;Cherniavsky, Konrad, On limitations for algorithmic modeling or intelligent activities.
QuoteRef: chilTM10_1998 ;;Chilimbi, Larus, Using generational garbage collection to implement cache- conscious data placement
QuoteRef: chilTM12_2000 ;;Chilimbi, Hill, Larus, Making pointer-based data structures cache conscious
QuoteRef: chinRS3_1991 ;;Chin, Chanson, Distributed object-based programming systems
QuoteRef: choCK_1987 ;;Cho, Quality Programming. Developing and testing software with statistical quality control
QuoteRef: chocGV12_2001 ;;Chockler, Keidar, Vitenberg, Group communication specifications: a comprehensive survey
QuoteRef: chomN9_1956 ;;Chomsky, Three models for the description of language
QuoteRef: chomN_1965 ;;Chomsky, Aspects of the theory of syntax
QuoteRef: chouA11_2000 ;;Chou, Chelf, Engler, Heinrich, Using meta-level compilation to check FLASH protocol code
QuoteRef: chouY7_1985 ;;Choueka, Lusignan, Disambiguation by short contexts
QuoteRef: chowFC10_1990 ;;Chow, Hennessy, The priority-based coloring approach to register allocation
QuoteRef: chowTS_1978 ;;Chow, Analysis of software design modeled by multiple finite state machines
QuoteRef: chriC8_1966 ;;Christensen, On the implementation of AMBIT, a language for symbol manipulation
QuoteRef: chriTW2_2002 ;;Christopher, What should be in a parallel library
QuoteRef: chunYC1_2000 ;;Chung, Moon, Ebcioglu, Sahlin, Reducing sweep time for a nearly empty heap
QuoteRef: churA_1936 ;;Church, An unsolvable problem of elementary number theory
QuoteRef: churA_1951 ;;Church, The need for abstract entities
QuoteRef: ciacP4_1993 ;;Ciaccia, Zezula, Estimating accesses in partitioned signature file organizations
QuoteRef: ciapE1_1999 ;;Ciapessoni, et al From formal methods to formally based methods: an industrial experience
QuoteRef: cinkMJ5_1991 ;;Cinkosky, Fickett, Gilna, Burks, Electronic data publishing and GenBank
QuoteRef: cipoJ11_1982 ;;Cipolla, Computer implementation the utility of defining utility
QuoteRef: ciurMG9_2001 ;;Ciura, Deorowicz, How to squeeze a lexicon
QuoteRef: clanWJ1_1987 ;;Clancey, Review of ??Understanding Computers and Cognition??
QuoteRef: clarBL9_1973 ;;Clark, Horning, Reflections on a language designed to write an operating system
QuoteRef: clarCL5_1997 ;;Clarke, Cormack, On the use of regular expressions for searching text
QuoteRef: clarDD12_1995 ;;Clark, The structuring of systems using upcalls
QuoteRef: clarDD8_1988 ;;Clark, The design philosophy of the DARPA Internet protocols
QuoteRef: clarDG10_1998 ;;Clarke, Potter, Noble, Ownership types for flexible alias protection
QuoteRef: clarEM1_1979 ;;Clarke, Programming language constructs for which it is impossible to obtain good Hoare axiom systems
QuoteRef: clarIA_1978 ;;Clark, A second look at macros in command-driven systems
QuoteRef: clarLA8_1983 ;;Clarke, Richardson, The application of error-sensitive testing strategies to debugging
QuoteRef: clarS11_1999 ;;Clarke, Harrison, Ossher, Tarr, Subject-oriented design: towards improved alignment of requirements, design and code.
QuoteRef: clayR4_1978 ;;Clayton, letter to the editor
QuoteRef: cleaJC_1975 ;;Cleaveland, Meaning and syntactic redundancy
QuoteRef: cleaJC_1986 ;;Cleaveland, An introduction to data types
QuoteRef: cleaJG4_1984 ;;Cleary, Witten, Data compression using adaptive coding and partial string matching
QuoteRef: clevC4_1984 ;;Cleverdon, Optimizing convenient online access to bibliographic databases
QuoteRef: clifC2_1989 ;;Clifton, Garcia-Molina, Indexing in a hypertext database
QuoteRef: clifC9_1988 ;;Clifton, Garcia-Molina, Hagmann, The design of a document database
QuoteRef: clouMJ7_1983 ;;Cloutier, Friedman, Precision averaging for real-time analysis
QuoteRef: cobbRH11_1990 ;;Cobb, Mills, Engineering software under statistical quality control
QuoteRef: coddEF12_1979 ;;Codd, Extending the database relational model to capture more meaning
QuoteRef: coddEF2_1982 ;;Codd, Relational database: A practical foundation for productivity
QuoteRef: coddEF5_1971 ;;Codd, Further normalization of the data base relational model
QuoteRef: coddEF_1990 ;;Codd, The relational model for database management: version 2
QuoteRef: coheJ1_1972 ;;Cohen, Chesnick, Haran, A confirmation of the inertial-\psi effect in sequential choice and decision
QuoteRef: coheJD12_1998 ;;Cohen, An n-gram hash and skip algorithm for finding large numbers of keywords in continuous text streams
QuoteRef: coheJD7_1997 ;;Cohen, Recursive hashing functions for n-grams
QuoteRef: coheNH10_1991 ;;Cohen, Technical correspondence: Type-extension type tests can be performed in constant time
QuoteRef: coheS4_1974 ;;Cohen, Speakeasy, an evolutionary system
QuoteRef: colbKM12_1981 ;;Colby, Modeling a paranoid mind
QuoteRef: coleR10_1994 ;;Cole, Tight bounds on the complexity of the Boyer-Moore string matching algorithm
QuoteRef: collC1_1999 ;;Collberg, Thomborson, Software watermarking: models and dynamic embeddings
QuoteRef: collGH11_1987 ;;Collier, Thoth-II: Hypertext with explicit semantics
QuoteRef: collJH8_1993 ;;Coll, Callahan, Flaherty, Coll, The blinking cursor: a two-experiment sequence investigating whether a blinking cursor facilitates user performance
QuoteRef: comeDE11_1986 ;;Comer, Peterson, Conversation-based mail
QuoteRef: comit_1961 ;;Research Lab. of Electronics and The Computation Center COMIT, An introduction to COMIT programming
QuoteRef: compHU_1946 ;;The staff of the computation laboratory A manual of operation for the automatic sequence controlled calculator
QuoteRef: conkJ11_1987 ;;Conklin, Begeman, gIBIS: A hypertext tool for team design deliberation
QuoteRef: conkJ12_1987 ;;Conklin, A survey of hypertext
QuoteRef: conkJ9_1987 ;;Conklin, Hypertext: an introduction and survey
QuoteRef: conrM5_1985 ;;Conrad, On design principles for a molecular computer
QuoteRef: controleng
QuoteRef: conwME7_1963 ;;Conway, Design of a separable transition-diagram compiler
QuoteRef: cookCR11_1980 ;;Cook, Kim, Best sorting algorithm for nearly sorted lists
QuoteRef: cookRP11_1986 ;;Cook, Modula-2 experiments will help future language designs
QuoteRef: cookRP3_1982 ;;Cook, Donde, An experiment to improve operand addressing
QuoteRef: coopKD9_2001 ;;Cooper, Simpson, Vick, Operator strength reduction
QuoteRef: coopRG4_1982 ;;Cooper, Martson, urrett, Stimmel, A human-factors case study based on the IBM personal computer
QuoteRef: copeBJ10_2000 ;;Copeland, Proudfoot, What Turing did after he invented the universal turing machine
QuoteRef: copeBJ_1999 ;;A lecture and two radio broadcasts on machine intelligence by Alan Turing
QuoteRef: copeG3_1980 ;;Copeland, What if mass storage where free?
QuoteRef: coplJ11_1998 ;;Coplien, Hoffman, Weiss, Commonality and variability in software engineering
QuoteRef: corbFJ_1979 ;;Corbato, Clingen, A managerial view of the Multics system development
QuoteRef: corbJC3_1996 ;;Corbett, Evaluating deadlock detection methods for concurrent software
QuoteRef: cordD6_1991 ;;Cordes, Brown, The literate-programming paradigm
QuoteRef: cormGV12_1987 ;;Cormack, Horspool, Data compression using dynamic markov modeling
QuoteRef: cormGV5_1988 ;;Cormack, A micro-kernel for concurrency in C
QuoteRef: cornD3_1994 ;;Corney, Gough, Type test elimination using typeflow analysis
QuoteRef: corrA5_2000 ;;Corral, Manolopoulos, Theodoridis, Vassilakopoulos, Closest pair queries in spatial databases
QuoteRef: costAM7_1998 ;;Costello, Varghese, Redesigning the BSD timer facilities
QuoteRef: coucJ_1981 ;;Couch, Datagramming
QuoteRef: coxBJ1_1983 ;;Cox, The object oriented pre-compiler
QuoteRef: coxBJ7_1983 ;;Cox, The message/object programming model: A small change, at a deep conceptual level
QuoteRef: craiJJ4_1987 ;;Craig, Coordinated motion of industrial robots and 2-DOF orienting tables
QuoteRef: creaRP_1986 ;;Crease, Mann, The Second Creation
QuoteRef: creeC11_1997 ;;Creel, Meyer, Stephan, The opportunity of a millennium
QuoteRef: crocM10_1994 ;;Crochemore, Czumaj, Gasieniec, Jarominek, Speeding up two string-matching algorithms
QuoteRef: crocM7_1999 ;;Crochemore, Mignosi, Restivo, Salemi, Text compression using antidictionaries
QuoteRef: crosN_1977 ;;Cross, The Automated Architect
QuoteRef: cullDE11_1996 ;;Culler, Karp, Patterson, Sahay, Santos, Schauser, Subramonian, von Eicken, A practical model of parallel computation
QuoteRef: currG11_1986 ;;Curry, An approach to type safety in a traits system
QuoteRef: curtB2_1989 ;;Curtis, Sheppard, Kruesi-Bailey, Bailey, Boehm-Davis, Experimental evaluation of software documentation formats
QuoteRef: cusuMA10_1999 ;;Cusumano, Yoffie, Software development on internet time
QuoteRef: cusuMA6_1997 ;;Cusumano, Selby, How Microsoft builds software
QuoteRef: cyphA4_1991 ;;Cypher, Eager: programming repetitive tasks by example
QuoteRef: cytrR10_1991 ;;Cytron, Ferrante, Rosen, Wegman, Efficiently computing static single assignment form and the control dependence graph
QuoteRef: dahlOJ9_1966 ;;Dahl, Nygaard, SIMULA, an Algol based simulation language
QuoteRef: dahlOJ_1972 ;;Dahl, Dijkstra, Hoare, Structured Programming
QuoteRef: dahlOJ_1972a ;;Dahl, Hoare, Hierarchical program structures
QuoteRef: daiuC_1981 ;;Daiute, Taylor, Computers and the improvement of writing
QuoteRef: daleRC_1965 ;;Daley, Neumann, A general-purpose file system for secondary storage
QuoteRef: dallR1_1982 ;;Dallimonti, Challenge for the 80s: Making man-machine interfaces more effective
QuoteRef: dameF3_1964 ;;Damerau, A technique for computer detection and correction of spelling errors
QuoteRef: dantT_1954 ;;Dantzig, Number, the language of science; a critical survey written for the cultured non-mathematician
QuoteRef: darkRP10_1997 ;;Darken, Cocayne, Carmein, The omni-directional treadmill: a locomotion device for virtual worlds
QuoteRef: darrJJ3_1993 ;;Darragh, Cleary, Witten, Bonsai: A compact representation of trees
QuoteRef: darwC_1859 ;;Darwin, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection
QuoteRef: dasM6_2000 ;;Das, Unification-based pointer analysis with directional assignments
QuoteRef: dateCJ_1998 ;;Date, Darwen, Foundation of Object/Relational Databases: The third manifesto
QuoteRef: dattB_1935 ;;Datta, Singh, History of Hindu Mathematics: a source book, part 1, numeral notation and arithmetic
QuoteRef: dattRT1_1979 ;;Dattola, FIRST: flexible information retrieval system for text
QuoteRef: daviAL_1979 ;;Davis, A data flow evaluation system based on the concept of recursive locality
QuoteRef: daviD6_1995 ;;Davis, Kerberos security with clocks adrift
QuoteRef: daviD_1967 ;;Davidson, Truth and meaning
QuoteRef: daviD_1968 ;;Davidson, On saying that
QuoteRef: daviG6_1986 ;;Davies, Bowsher, Algorithms for pattern matching
QuoteRef: daviIJ12_1992 ;;Davis, A fast radix sort
QuoteRef: daviJW11_1987 ;;Davidson, Fraser, Automatic inference and fast interpretation of peephole optimization rules
QuoteRef: daviJW6_1987 ;;Davidson, Vaughan, The effect of instruction set complexity on program size and memory performance
QuoteRef: daviL_1505 ;;da Vinci, Treatise on the Flight of Birds
QuoteRef: daviMD_1981 ;;Davis, Weyuker, Pseudo-oracles for non-testable programs
QuoteRef: daviNR2_1974 ;;Davies, Decision tables in discrete system simulation
QuoteRef: daviPJ3_1972 ;;Davis, Fidelity in mathematical discourse: Is one and one really two?
QuoteRef: daviPJ_1981 ;;Davis, Hersh, The Mathematical Experience
QuoteRef: dawsR11_1997 ;;Dawson, Newsham, Introducing software engineering to the real world
QuoteRef: deanD5_1996 ;;Dean, Felten, Wallach, Java security: from HotJava to Netscape and beyond
QuoteRef: deapAM2_1984 ;;de A. Price, Defining dynamic variables and abstract data types in Pascal
QuoteRef: dearA4_1993 ;;Dearle, Cutts, Connor, Using persistence to support incremental system construction
QuoteRef: debaEH_1990 ;;Debaere, Van Campenhout, Interpretation and Instruction Path Coprocessing
QuoteRef: debrL_1937 ;;de Broglie, Matiere et Lumiere
QuoteRef: debrS1_1998 ;;Debray, Muth, Weippert, Alias analysis of executable code
QuoteRef: debrSK3_2000 ;;Debray, Evans, Compiler techniques for code compaction
QuoteRef: dedeCJ1_1988 ;;Dede, Sullivan, Scace, Factors shaping the evolution of electronic documentation systems
QuoteRef: dedeR2_1890 ;;Dedekind, Letter to Keferstein
QuoteRef: degaP6_2001 ;;Degano, Priami, Enhanced operational semantics: a tool for describing and analyzing concurrent systems
QuoteRef: dehnJC4_1998 ;;Dehnert, Stepanov, Fundamentals of generic programming
QuoteRef: deliNM5_1984 ;;Delisle, Menicosy, Schwartz, Viewing a programming environment as a single tool
QuoteRef: deliR6_2001 ;;DeLine, Fahndrich, Enforcing high-level protocols in low-level software
QuoteRef: demaE7_2001 ;;Demaine, Fast and small resizable arrays
QuoteRef: demaPA12_1973 ;;de Marneffe, Holon programming
QuoteRef: demaT3_1984 ;;DeMarco, Soceneantu, SYNCRO: A dataflow command shell for the Lilith/Modula computer
QuoteRef: demaT5_1989 ;;DeMarco, T.
QuoteRef: demeA3_1979 ;;Demers, Donahue, Report on the programming language Russell
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QuoteRef: demeA8_1987 ;;Demers, Greene, Hauser, Irish, Larson, Shenker, Sturgis, Swinehart, Terry, Epidemic algorithms for replicated database maintenance
QuoteRef: demeAJ_1980 ;;Demers, Donahue, Data Types, parameters and type checking
QuoteRef: demeA_1978 ;;Demers, Donahue, Skinner, Data types as values: polymorphism, type-checking, encapsulation
QuoteRef: demeA_1980 ;;Demers, Donahue, Type-Completeness: as a language principle
QuoteRef: demiRA5_1979 ;;DeMillo, Lipton, Perlis, Social processes and proofs of theorems and programs
QuoteRef: demiRA_1977 ;;DeMillo, Lipton, Perlis, Social processes and proofs of theorems and programs
QuoteRef: demoES8_1998 ;;de Moura, Zivianni, Navorro, Baeza-Yates, Fast searching on compressed text allowing errors
QuoteRef: dennDC_1978 ;;Dennett, Skinner skinned
QuoteRef: dennDC_1978a ;;Dennett, Artificial intelligence as philosophy and as psychology
QuoteRef: dennDE2_1983 ;;Denning, Protecting public keys and signature keys
QuoteRef: dennDE4_1984 ;;Denning, Digital signatures with RSA and other public-key cryptosystems
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QuoteRef: dennJB_1974 ;;Dennis, First version of a data flow procedure language
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QuoteRef: dennPJ3_1982 ;;Denning, Electronic Junk
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QuoteRef: dereF3_2001 ;;Derepas, Gastin, Plainfosse, Avoiding state explosion for distributed systems with timestamps
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QuoteRef: deroSJ2_1990 ;;DeRose, Durand, Mylonas, Renear, What is text, really?
QuoteRef: descR_1637 ;;Descartes, Discourse on the Method for Rightly Conducting One's Reason and for Seeking Truth in the Sciences
QuoteRef: descR_1641 ;;Descartes, Meditations on First Philosophy in which the existence of God and the distinction of the soul from the body are demonstrated
QuoteRef: descR_1641a ;;Descartes, Geometry
QuoteRef: deutLP1_1981 ;;Deutsch, Constraints: a uniform model for data and control
QuoteRef: deutLP8_1981 ;;Deutsch, Building control structures in the Smalltalk-80 system
QuoteRef: deviO6_1999 ;;Devillers, On deletion in Delaunay triangulations
QuoteRef: dewaRB10_1969 ;;Dewar, Hochsprung, Worley, The Iltran programming language
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QuoteRef: dewiDJ_1982 ;;DeWitt D.J. Friedland D. Exploiting parallelism for the performance enhancement of non-numeric applications
QuoteRef: diceD2_2003 ;;Dice, Garthwaite, Mostly lock-free malloc
QuoteRef: dickGW1_1986 ;;Dickson, DeSanctis, McBride, Understanding the effectiveness of computer graphics for decision support: A cumulative experimental approach
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QuoteRef: dijkEW_1976a ;;Dijkstra, Programming methodologies: Their objectives and their nature
QuoteRef: dijkEW_1977 ;;Dijkstra, Guarded commands, nondeterminacy and formal derivation of programs
QuoteRef: dijkEW_1979 ;;Dijkstra, My hopes of computer science
QuoteRef: dijkEW_1982 ;;Dijkstra, EWD648 "Why is software so expensive?" An explanation to the hardware designer
QuoteRef: dillDL4_1996 ;;Dill, Rushby, Acceptance of formal methods: lessons from hardware design
QuoteRef: dimoT9_1986 ;;Dimock, letter to the editor
QuoteRef: dingC5_1999 ;;Ding, Kennedy, Improving cache performance in dynamic applications through data and computation reorganization at run time
QuoteRef: diseAA9_1986 ;;diSessa, Abelson, Boxer: A reconstructible computational medium
QuoteRef: diseAA_1986 ;;diSessa, Notes on the future of programming: breaking the utility barrier
QuoteRef: diseAA_1986a ;;diSessa, Models of computation
QuoteRef: ditzDR3_1982 ;;Ditzel, McLellan, Register allocation for free: The C machine stack cache.
QuoteRef: dobsJ4_1989 ;;Dobson, Randell, Program verification: Public image and private reality
QuoteRef: dod12_1977 ;;Department of Defense requirements for high order computer programming languages
QuoteRef: dolbJ10_1998 ;;Dolby, Chien, An evaluation of automatic object inline allocation techniques
QuoteRef: dolbJ6_2000 ;;Dolby, Chien, An automatic object inlining optimization and its evaluation
QuoteRef: doloTA7_1978 ;;Dolotta, Haight, Mashey, UNIX time-sharing system: The programmer's workbench
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QuoteRef: donaJ7_1985 ;;Donahue, Demers, Data types as values
QuoteRef: donaJ7_1985a ;;Donahue, Integration mechanisms in Cedar
QuoteRef: dongJJ5_1987 ;;Dongarra, Grosse, Distribution of mathematical software via electronic mail
QuoteRef: donnMD_1987 ;;Donner, Real-Time Control of Walking
QuoteRef: dorN6_2003 ;;Dor, Rodeh, Sagiv, CSSV: towards a realistic tool for statically detecting all buffer overflows in C
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