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Cheriton, D.R., "Problem-oriented shared memory: A decentralized approach to distributed system design ", The 6th International Conference on Distributed Systems, IEEE Computer Society, May 1986, pp. 190-197. Google

190 ;;Quote: a distributed system most maintain shared state; allows functioning as a single system
190 ;;Quote: problem-oriented shared memory necessary because full consistency is too expensive; use for evaluating communication
190+;;Quote: shared memory is the right abstraction for shared state in sophisticated distributed systems
191 ;;Quote: make communication look like memory via ports (a queue of buffers), message screening or filtering, and logical addressing
192 ;;Quote: problem-oriented shared memory implements fetch, store, and consistency maintenance for specific applications
192 ;;Quote: a relaxed fetch operation may return stale data, incorrect data, or "don't know"
192+;;Quote: a relaxed store operation may discard the store because of update conflicts
192 ;;Quote: in some applications, can detect stale data on use and recover by locating a correct copy
192 ;;Quote: in some applications, cached data may be slightly out of date
193 ;;Quote: a data fetch may be optional; e.g., an application could extrapolate, substitute, or forward a request
193 ;;Quote: applications may tolerate lost or revoked store operations; e.g., if fetched and stored values are not compared
194 ;;Quote: time-of-day can be seen as shared memory; maintained locally with periodic corrections from a network time server
195 ;;Quote: for problem-oriented shared memory, communication must have efficient/reliable transport, multicast, network data pointers, and process invocation
195 ;;Quote: for problem-oriented shared memory need to program user-specific fetch and store operations at each machine

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