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Carroll, J.M., Carrithers, C., "Training wheels in a user interface", Communications of the ACM, 27, 8, pp. 800-806, August 1984. Google

800 ;;Quote: training wheels interface--eliminate advance menu items for new users; avoids getting tangled in advanced features
801 ;;Quote: ensure that new users use the defaults instead of specifying parameters
803 ;;Quote: with training wheel interface new users spend 50% of their time in error recovery! with full interface spent 56% of their time
803 ;;Quote: with training wheel interface, new users learned at the same rate but performed the task in half the time
803+;;Quote: given a task, new users organized their time into a learning phase and a task phase
804 ;;Quote: new users used vastly differing learning styles; e.g., reckless explorer who skips the manual
804 ;;Quote: some new users are plodders, reading manual and staring at screen; won't try anything until sure, and trouble with error recovery
806 ;;Quote: a training wheels interfaces provides a safe, exploratory environment for the new user; learn by doing
806 ;;Quote: a new user is like an out-of-towner in a city; everything looks strange, easy to get lost; a goal, map, and directions help

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