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children vs. adults
ease of learning
error safe systems
menus for a UserInterface
minimal manuals and guided exploration
novice users and the UserInterface
step-by-step dialog
Subtopic: error cascade up

Quote: users tend to respond to errors and uncertainties with action; often defer error correction advice; results in a series of mistakes [»carrJM9_1988]
Quote: with training wheel interface new users spend 50% of their time in error recovery! with full interface spent 56% of their time [»carrJM8_1984]

Subtopic: restricted menus up

Quote: training wheels interface--eliminate advance menu items for new users; avoids getting tangled in advanced features [»carrJM8_1984]
Quote: a training wheels interfaces provides a safe, exploratory environment for the new user; learn by doing [»carrJM8_1984]

Subtopic: restricted options up

Quote: ensure that new users use the defaults instead of specifying parameters [»carrJM8_1984]
Quote: Star uses progressive disclosure to hide details until users need them [»johnJ9_1989]

Subtopic: studies up

Quote: with training wheel interface, new users learned at the same rate but performed the task in half the time [»carrJM8_1984]

Subtopic: minimal system up

Quote: designed minimal Logo with simplified editor and commands [»mckeRM5_1984, OK]

Subtopic: tool tip up

Quote: for novices, a marking menu pop-ups a menu on "press and hold" for a third of second [»tapiMA11_1995]

Subtopic: unconstrained exploration up

Quote: let users do anything reasonable; warn about risky territory and provide reversible actions; tell users about any exceptions [»apple_1987]

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