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Subtopic: UI shields user from complexity up

Quote: a user should not need to learn the complexities of a computer; an application should shield users from these details [»wassAI_1973]

Subtopic: sophisticated/frequent vs. unsophisticated/infrequent up

Quote: the two main groups of computer users are sophisticated/frequent users and unsophisticated/infrequent users [»millLA10_1978]
Quote: infrequent users also had very short terminal sessions
Quote: two large groups of COM users are computer novices and frequent COM users [»palmJ9_1979]
Quote: use novice and expert system modes to record changes to an operational profile as users become experienced [»musaJD3_1993]

Subtopic: learning an interface or skill up

Quote: a new user is like an out-of-towner in a city; everything looks strange, easy to get lost; a goal, map, and directions help [»carrJM8_1984]
Quote: the stages of skill acquisition go from a novice recognizing relevant facts and rules to an expert performing without deliberation [»hallH_1992]
Quote: a novice is taught to recognize relevant, context-free, facts and rules [»hallH_1992]
Quote: despite extensive user testing of Andrew, missed novice users not knowing how to invoke menus with a mouse [»boreNS_1991]
Quote: novices are taught to recognize features of a task and to apply rules based on these features [»dreyHL1_1994]
Quote: novices and advanced beginners apply rules to facts and features; they are not personally involved in the outcome [»hallH_1992]
Quote: the advanced beginner can refer to situational elements that are communicated by example, without objective definitions [»hallH_1992]
Quote: the advanced beginner can easily learn situational elements by example; this is a severe limitation on computer intelligence [»hallH_1992]

Subtopic: novice learning styles up

Quote: some new users are plodders, reading manual and staring at screen; won't try anything until sure, and trouble with error recovery [»carrJM8_1984]
Quote: new users used vastly differing learning styles; e.g., reckless explorer who skips the manual [»carrJM8_1984]
Quote: given a task, new users organized their time into a learning phase and a task phase
Quote: need to locate proper keys before learning to activate commands [»adamKA7_1983]

Subtopic: novices and screen messages up

Quote: screen messages are a mystery to novice users; may confuse later work, or not be seen at all [»carrJM11_1982]

Subtopic: novices and errors up

Quote: users tend to respond to errors and uncertainties with action; often defer error correction advice; results in a series of mistakes [»carrJM9_1988]
Quote: a computer user's situation and the user's construal of the situation change very rapidly; many errors, changing goals and system state [»carrJM9_1988]
Quote: with training wheel interface new users spend 50% of their time in error recovery! with full interface spent 56% of their time [»carrJM8_1984]

Subtopic: novices and in-person help up

Quote: troubles in teaching an editor through a manual; users need to ask questions of another person [»ledgH_1981]
Quote: difficult to learn a text editor by oneself, e.g., implausible interpretations; active learners, build on typing model, try to understand [»mackRL7_1983]
Quote: in user testing, the experimenter should teach subjects about the editor; otherwise takes too long to learn correctly [»ledgH_1981]

Subtopic: novice and agents up

Quote: anthropomorphic agents useful as a motivator or coach while learning; also entertainment

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