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Quote: humans are expert performers for much of everyday life; inaccessible to computers [»hallH_1992]
Quote: an expert in most situations experiences a compelling sense of the issue and the best move [»dreyHL1_1994]
Quote: the expert performer acts without detached deliberation about the situation and its alternatives; they simply do what works [»hallH_1992]
Quote: an international master can simultaneously add a number every second and play 5-sec/move chess; fluid and coordinated play without analysis [»hallH_1992]
Quote: experts can not articulate their rules because they are not following rules; experts discriminate thousands of special cases [»dreyHL1_1994]
Quote: Socrates demonstrated that experts could not articulate the principles and rules underlying their expertise [»dreyHL1_1994]
Quote: for expert-systems, the expert is forced to revert to a lower skill level; they appear to think of their field as a huge set of special cases [»hallH_1992]

Subtopic: becoming an expert up

Quote: the stages of skill acquisition go from a novice recognizing relevant facts and rules to an expert performing without deliberation [»hallH_1992]
Quote: expertise requires procedural knowledge that is best acquired by simple, straightforward procedural steps [»willTR4_1992]
Quote: the competent performer views decision making hierarchically and chooses an organizing plan; this radically alters the situation [»hallH_1992]
Quote: after choosing a plan, the competent performer feels personally responsible for, and thus emotionally involved in, the outcome of that choice
Quote: the proficient performer intuitively understands and organizes the task, and thinks analytically about what to do next [»hallH_1992]

Subtopic: throughput first up

Quote: users want throughput first, will use inappropriate experience, and will avoid new learning; software must take these paradoxes seriously [»carrJM_1987]
Quote: the paramount goal for users is throughput; this conflicts with learning new procedures for doing things [»carrJM_1987]

Subtopic: expert user interface up

Quote: clicking/dragging/selection are too impoverished to accommodate expert users; purely graphical interfaces have limited expressive power [»eiseM4_1995]
Quote: experienced users find the mouse faster and more accurate; novices did better with a light pen or knee control [»englWK3_1967]

Subtopic: sophisticated/frequent users vs. novice/infrequent users up

Quote: the two main groups of computer users are sophisticated/frequent users and unsophisticated/infrequent users [»millLA10_1978]
Quote: two large groups of COM users are computer novices and frequent COM users [»palmJ9_1979]
Quote: in a time-sharing system, 20% were high frequency users and accounted for 60% of total connect time [»millLA10_1978]
Quote: an experienced user needs good human engineering as much as a novice user when faced with a new system or an infrequently used one [»ledgHF11_1980]
Quote: use novice and expert system modes to record changes to an operational profile as users become experienced [»musaJD3_1993]

Subtopic: site failures up

Quote: Grapevine made a mistake in not informing users of site failures; experienced users will want to notify someone if it lasts too long [»schrMD2_1984]

Subtopic: organize cards into piles; avoid premature decisions up

Quote: experienced NoteCards users put all notes in one filebox and use a sketch card to form related piles; when stable, turned into fileboxes [»halaFG7_1988]
Quote: experienced ZOG users like ZOG [»mccrDL10_1984]

Subtopic: keystroke time -- routine tasks by experts up

Quote: Keystroke model: the time required by an expert for a routine task is the time needed for the keystrokes

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