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QuoteRef: bobrDG9_1986 ;;excellent overview on expert systems and how to apply them

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Quote: a goal for expert-systems is for users to create and maintain the knowledge base; currently high maintenance cost [»bobrDG9_1986]

Subtopic: specialized knowledge up

Quote: early AI work did not appreciate the sheer amount and variety of specialized knowledge underlying intelligent behavior [»lindRK6_1993]
Quote: for expert-systems, the expert is forced to revert to a lower skill level; they appear to think of their field as a huge set of special cases [»hallH_1992]
Quote: Socrates demonstrated that experts could not articulate the principles and rules underlying their expertise [»dreyHL1_1994]

Subtopic: brittle systems up

Quote: expert systems are brittle, i.e., they do well up to some limit, then they collapse into complete incompetence [»lenaDB1_1991]

Subtopic: problems with expert systems up

Quote: the DENDRAL expert system had a quite limited impact on organic chemistry; it was not useful for large difficult problems [»lindRK6_1993]
Quote: DENDRAL's successors generated possible solutions to a problem; they generated too many candidates for difficult problems, while simple problems could be done by hand

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