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choice points for a user interface
customized user interfaces
ease of use
evaluation in an environment
expert users
software portability
statistical testing based on a usage profile
user-centered design
user-defined languages
user interface tool kits
Subtopic: user types up

Quote: a system deals with different classes of individuals [»sterTD11_1974]
Quote: users have unique styles for organizing information; they define their own categories [»comeDE11_1986]

Subtopic: advantages of customization up

Quote: subjects who specified how they would receive messages took fewer notes and exhibited greater comprehension [»ramsHR5_1983]

Subtopic: profile as configuration up

Quote: a user profile contains names of mail and file servers instead of addresses; allows relocation of servers [»oppeDC7_1983]
Quote: should not compile configuration information into code; avoids recompilation, avoids minor modifications [»allmE7_1983]
Quote: use a secure, central database of user profiles; allows location-independent customization [»manbU8_2000]
Quote: Star's user icon contains user profile information, e.g., home file and access level [»smitDC_1982]
Quote: UserInterface rooms include user modifiable descriptions used to preload files etc. [»hendDA7_1986]

Subtopic: profile as preferences up

Quote: users want to tailor their UserInterface [»akscRM7_1988a]
Quote: a system should provide users with choices on how to deal with the system [»sterTD11_1974]
Quote: name directory should accept and display names according to user preferences
Quote: the Z editor looks for a profile file in the user's directory which sets user preferences [»woodSR6_1981]
Quote: click the mouse button once to select an item, twice to open a window; Preference's tool to adjust [»stewG3_1983]
Quote: the Lisa Preferences tool allows you to change the beep volume and key repetition [»stewG3_1983]
Quote: DIALOGUE allows users to rearrange the sequence of fields without changing the sequence used by an application [»vaskD_1982]

Subtopic: profile as state up

Quote: a SUIT database maintains information about all screen objects including their location and color; updated at each invocation

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